Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Play Dates!

I need help! Palmer just got invited to his very first REAL Play Date! The mom emailed me and we are coordinating our schedules and the whole deal :) So... there is a lot that they leave out in those little parenting books like how does a play date work? I figured instead of ggnawing at my fingers all day I would just be myself in the email and admit to not knowing "play date etiquette", do I drop him off for a few hours, do I stay and talk with th mom to help supervise? haha I find this hilarious. I feel like I am a pretty capable person with a professional career and I don't know how to navigate a freaking play date! I need a better "how to manual" apparently mine is missing massive chapters!
For instance:
1. Like how to make a child finally poo on the potty? He does #1 just fine all day every day but he will hold #2 until he puts his pull up on at night?
2. Or how do you discipline a 2 year old when they decide to go "limp" in the middle of kohls and fall to the ground screaming? (If anyone knows this PLEASE let me know!)
3. Or how to make a child sit in a high chair in a restaurant when they do the "leg lock" and you will break both knee caps if you try to get them to sit in the high chair.
4. Or how was I supposed to know that when we took Annie to her first gymnastics lesson that she would be the only 2 year old girl not dressed from head to toe in a leotard and tights but rather showed up in her tennis shoes and leggings, did I miss the memo??

I always feel like I am the last to know! haha

These are just a few mysteries that we are dealing with right now, I did find this article about play dates. It did not help that much but oh well! haha If anyone knows any useful information I am just going to FAKE it till I MAKE it!

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Sweet Caroline said...

I love ya girl! AS you know i do a lot of playdates but not sure how this one goes since it's not a friend of yours...I did do some playdates with people I was getting to know and didnt at yes I was there...but this sounds more like a friend wanting to invite Palmer over to play? If so just ask and feel free to ask if you are needing to stay since you aren't friends with the mom, I dont believe it will bother the lady...its so sweet watching them make friends and have fun (and sometimes get rowdy with each other lol)