Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stir Crazy!

I pretty much knew that I wasn't or have never been a "homebody" I love being at "home" with my family and in a routine but I have to get out of the house on at least one little excursion a day! haha It is 8pm on Saturday and I haven't left the house since Thursday at 2pm!! I tried desperately to shower today thinking getting out of the house would make me feel better.... I got all the way to the car and down the road and turned around crying because at that point I was exhausted! The flu has officially shut this household down and it takes a lot!
 My dad literally did what I call a "drive and drop" tonight! haha We were supposed to have dinner with him but given our sickness he wisely opted out but was nice enough to drop off Ann Mason's birthday present, a little present for Palmer, steaks and a sweet picture off at the house. Being the germ-a-phobe he is, he literally threw the presents out while he was driving! haha It was the thought that counted, I wouldn't want to get this stuff either!
 The kids got their very own sock monkeys that they have now lovely named Thomas and Riley! I LOVE sock monkeys. Our whole family had sock monkeys growing up and we LOVED them! Ann Mason got a pink one, I have never seen a pink one before!
We are all hanging in there. I have high hopes that tomorrow we will wake feeling healthy and have our energy back (one can only wish!) haha Tex's birthday is tomorrow, I would love to at least let him get out of the house to enjoy the football game or lunch!

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