Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Complete Randomness!!!

This mom has been a HORRIBLE blogger and a HORRIBLE picture taker :) I feel like I am working constantly and when I do get home I just want to sit with the kiddos and relax!

This is a completely random post!! I was going to call it one minute inside Blake's head but I thought I would spare you that much chaos! haha I once heard a woman describe her body as the suburbs and her mind as the ghetto, a place where you didn't want to be alone! haha! I always loved that because sometimes I feel like my mind is the ghetto, it is always racing and rarely stops!!

Tex is still job searching! We knew going in that this would or could be a lengthy process but I think his spirits are starting to fade, please say some prayers that he will find the strength to stay positive and keep trucking!! I have so much sympathy for people who have lost their jobs it definitely takes a toll on the whole family but I feel blessed that God placed us in a situation where I can work more and we can make it until Tex finds something!

The kids are TOTALLY awesome! Their smiling faces make my LOOOONG days worthwhile! I of course am carrying around the 100 pound backpack of mom guilt right now but I know that my kids know that I love them SO much that, that is all that matters!
 I am going to be BRUNETTE after today! Our budget isn't really appreciating my highlights growing out every 4 weeks so I thought I would go back to my "roots" and keep it au-natural. Palmer asked me today "Mom are you coming home with black hair" I think he is scared :) Here is a pic of me with brown hair. I like it and it is A LOT less expensive so we will try it out for a while! Check out the lack of hair on Ann Mason in this pic! Oh I miss those little babies!
I am also on day 4 of NO diet drinks!!!! GASP!!! Anyone that knows me knows that I am CONSTANTLY carrying around a "big gulp" (which means at least 44 oz) of something diet, I would have at least 3 of those a day if not more! Of course everyone had to rain on my parade with all of these reports of diet drinks not helping with weight loss and causing stroke and heart attacks, etc... SO... I decided to try something different. There was NO way I can give up caffeine I just can't at the moment. So I have switched to unsweet tea with NO artificial sweetener!! I have one big one in the morning and then one big one at lunch and then no caffeine after that! So far I can really tell a difference, I don't have nearly the dips in energy that I was having drinking the diet drinks so frequently. Hopefully I will lose some LB's as a bonus!

I think this is about it! haha Hopefully I will be better with my updates and posts! This is enough randomness for the day!

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