Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movies, Babies and lots of Girl Time!

This weekend was all around GREAT! The kind of weekend that you look forward to for a long time and it meets and exceeds all of your expectations!!! Friday night we actually got all of the kiddos to bed in their own beds and Tex and I got to watch another AWESOME movie! I don't know if growing up around horse racing since I was a little girl and going to the track with my dad or growing up in Kentucky had anything to do with it but I think Secretariat is my new favorite movie! I LOVED every minute of it and bawled my eyes out. Diane Lane is such an empowering woman figure in this movie you just want to stand up and clap for her every 5 minutes!!! This is a MUST SEE!!!

Next up, the kiddos and Tex headed to Owensboro early Saturday morning so that I could get ready for hosting a shower for Kimmie and baby Sofia! It was so great and Kimmie looked fabulous!!! Sofia is going to be a doll and one loved little girl! We also got some great news that day that our friend Kourtlee was in Labor and she had a beautiful son that same day!!! It was a day of blessings for sure!

     Sofia and Kimmie's Cake!!
             It tasted as good as it looked, strawberry and chocolate on the inside!
 The adorable hostee (sp?)  She is all belly and SO cute!
 It's A Girl banner with all of the cake table trimmings!
 The hostess' with Kimmie!!!
All of the loot Sofia is going to be one fashionable little baby! haha

The Invitations! I am loving the classic, shabby chic look!

After the shower we had a much needed girls night!!! We had so much fun and I am so blessed to have close relationships with other women because I think girlfriends are the best medicine for your soul!!!

I can't believe it is Feb!!! It is birthday month with Tex and Ann Mason's birthday right around the corner!

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