Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Little Things that I do for Me!

As a mom or a wife I don't think we always get that much time for ourselves, I know I don't! I find that it is the very little things in life that make me relaxed and happy that I do for myself! I currently have 3 tv shows that I watch every week no matter what, they may not be the most intriguing but a lot of times mindless is right down my alley!

The first one is Glee! I have loved this show since the minute I popped in the first volume, it makes me happy and want to sing!
 The second show I HAVE to watch is Parenthood! OMG, if you do not watch this show, watch it! It is amazing!!! I laugh and cry on almost every episode!
 The 3rd is more shameful to admit, I am addicted to the bachelor this season! I think it is all of the girls that make it more fun to watch! It is down to 3 so it is getting pretty good!
 Facebook is also my other shameful addiction! It's my key to the outside world, I can keep up with everyone from the comfort of my own home, how lazy! haha I still prefer face to face interaction but facebook is a nice alternative and I love getting to see every one's pictures!
 Reading has always been a passion of mine! I haven't gotten a lot of reading time lately but this is what I am currently reading! I haven't really read a James Patterson book I didn't like. Reading to me is so relaxing and it helps me silence the spinning thoughts in my ghetto mind :) haha
I think everyone needs their own outlets and these are just a few of mine!! I am sure they will change and revolve over the years but this is what makes me happy and relaxed after the kiddos go to bed! Oh and of course spending time with Tex! haha Tex is usually watching all of my girly shows with me :) He is a great husband/bff!

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