Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eating, Sleeping and Changing Diapers!

It is Saturday and it is SO hard to believe it has been 6 days since Ann Mason was born! Time has gone by SO fast and everything feels like a blur! We have done NOTHING in the Templeton house other than EAT, SLEEP and Change Diapers!!!! It has been one constant feeding frenzy! I never knew that breastfeeding was such a commitment and challenge. We are still hanging in there, I had my first breakdown this morning and for about a minute wanted to quit but I think Ann Mason could tell how frustrated I was and the next two feedings went great!

Palmer is adjusting great to being a big brother other than rolling his eyes at me everytime I talk to him! I think it is hard for him to take me seriously when I have a baby or a pump hanging out of my boobs at all times! He actually tried to stick my breast pump up his shirt! YIKES!

Life is great though and I am sitting here with the family watching Chicken Little! I can't believe how great my recovery has been and I couldn't be more grateful! Neenie left today and we couldn't have made it without her, we were all so sad to see her leave! We miss her already!

I have been HORRIBLE about taking pics! I guess it is true what they say about the 2nd child! Here are a few pics of us lounging around the house!

As you can see Palmer is taking his new role in stride. He is still obsessed with pudding and that is what he loves to eat!!!

Ann Mason in one of her cute pj sets! I never knew having a little girl would be so fun! I love to dress her in different things!

Snoozing away! All she does right now is sleep and eat but I am not complaining! We are loving every minute of it. I know only too soon will I be wishing she slept a little more!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ann Mason is HERE!!!!

Can it be that it is already Thursday? Time has definitely flown! Ann Mason arrived Monday morning at 8:53 am with a head full of cole black hair. She weighed in at 6 pds 6oz and was 19 inches long! (Such a big girl!)

I can't type long since I literally feed 24/7 but this experience has been amazing! It has been everything that I prayed for and more! The surgery went awesome and my recovery has been SOOOOO smooth compared to last time! It is just so hard to believe the difference!

Breast feeding has been quite a challenge but one that I have taken on and have thrown myself into! We have 50 different contraptions to feed this little person and my milk hasn't come in yet but I am super hopeful that I can be successful at this cause I am working has hard as I can to make it work!

I am so thankful for all of my friends and family that have called, visited or sent notes! Thank you so much! I can't tell you how happy I am right now, it is just amazing! I didn't realize how bad Palmers delivery and recovery was until I had this precious baby!

I will try and write more later! As for now we got home yesterday and we have been busy ever since. Palmer LOVES his new sissy and wants to help us do everything!! We feel so complete now with our little family and things are good! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Here are a few pics of her!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mondays just around the corner!

I think this may be the first and last time I will ever be wishing that it was a Monday on a Saturday :) That NEVER happens but in this case I am anxiously awaiting Monday morning for sure!

I had the most wonderful week off and me and my buddy (Palmer) got to spend so much quality time together just the two of us! I couldn't feel more relaxed, relieved and ready to have this baby! What a stark contrast to how I felt right before Palmer so I can only pray this is going to be a totally different experience!

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family who have called and checked in and even those who called to ask how the day of pampering went when they were spinning their wheels at work! I have the best friends!

I know you guys are probably SO ready for this baby to be born as well since that is all I have talked about for the last 9 months! haha There is a lot going on in our lives right now good, exciting, scary and sad.... but I have decided I can only wrap my head around one issue at the moment and that is having the most relaxed, healthy and greatest birthing experience Monday morning! Then I can fill you in on the rest :)

Tex and I will go in at 6:30 am to the triage where they will do lab work, give me an IV and a catheter and prep me for surgery. Given there are no major emergencies to push us back they will wheel me into the OR about 8:00-8:10 am to give me my spinal block and then they should have surgery underway right at 8:30. So, if all goes as planned little Ann Mason will be here shortly after 8:30! I am a dork and saved a draft of a text message to all recipients so all Tex has to do is fill in the blanks and send! So everyone should know fairly soon after she is born! I will do my best to post some pics of the new family!

Keep us in your prayers that we have a better recovery this time! I am praying that Palmer sees his sister as a new bundle of love for him rather than a huge threat! :) haha

Thanks again! Love you all!!! OH and by the way... HAPPY V-DAY TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last Dr. Appt and a day of Pampering!!

I went to my LAST dr appt today before my precious little girl gets here! They went ahead and did another growth ultrasound and she did GREAT! She went from 17% to 32% and weighs approx 6pds 5oz!!! That could be off by about 1/2 pound either way, but that is great progress!

She was SO cute with big cheeks and lots of hair, I just can't wait to hold her in my arms, I can hardly believe it is only 4 days away! This week has been great for getting stuff done and I am LOVING being off of work!

Tomorrow is pamper mom day and I am going to get my hair highlighted, a mani, a pedi and who knows what else :) I want to look my best when Ann Mason sees her mom for the first time :)

Other than that we don't have many plans until the big day! I told Tex I didn't want to do anything for V-day (this time I mean it :) I just wanted a in home date night with him and P as it will be the last time it is just the three of us!

Does anyone have any big V-day plans? If I can't get to a computer I will definitely update on Monday hopefully!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just checking in!

So I stopped into work cause we were treated to a lunch from Macaroni Grill! You know I couldn't pass that up :) It was nice to see and use a computer though! Unfortantely, I can't get my camera to upload to my laptop so no pics from the weekend :(

Speaking of the weekend it was AWESOME!!! Friday night the in-laws came in and we ordered Rafferty's to-go for Tex's b-day dinner and then Tex and I got to go see a movie! Remember the previous post where I said I LOOOOOVE my husbad cause he will go see girl movies with me? Well, yeah he tricked me and we got up to the ticket booth and he said but I reeeeeaaaalllly want to see TAKEN, so of course being his birthday and all I had to oblige :) It was a good movie, a little more intense than I had planned for but it was good!!

PS Don't eat too much popcorn and coke at 38 weeks pregnant I spent the first hour we got home puking popcorn and coke! :) It is called no self control! haha

Saturday was a GREAT day I got to run some errands and got the van washed, my eyebrows waxed, etc... and then it was off to lex to do our taxes which surprisingly came back in our favor, so that was well needed! We then got ready for dinner and that was SO fun! Tex was beyond surprised and we had such an awesome turnout with about 22 people. It was so great to have everyone together and we laughed until we cried at old "Tex" stories, there are enough of those to keep people entertained for days!!! Let's hope Palmer and Ann Mason don't hear about 99% of those until they are MUCH older! Thanks to everyone who came, it made our weekend and we had SO much fun!!!

Sunday we went to church which was great and out to eat at the Olive Garden. Kathy was still with us and she helped out so much with Palmer it was nice. We all took naps and relaxed most of the day! It was a perfect weekend right before chaos hits :) haha

I can't believe it is one week from today! I know this week will go by fast so I am trying to enjoy my time off and some time with Palmer :) I will try and post again before the big day! Hopefully the day of we can get some pics uploaded on here so that everyone can meet this baby girl!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Today Tex is the big 3-0!!! I remember when I thought 30 was SOOOOO old and now here it is :) It is hard to believe that my hubby is a 30 year old man today :) I can remember when we starting dating he was just a mere 20 years old and looking forward to his 21st birthday! It is hard to believe that 9 years has past and thru it all he has been my best friend!

I am so proud of him and the person he has become and especially the amazing father he is! He is such a hard worker and I don't know of many people that aren't instantly taken by his outgoing personality!

We laughed so hard last night thinking of all the obstacles we have overcome and thinking about how we would have never thought in a million years based on our first introduction that we would be married and having two kids together! :) It is funny how life works out!

We are both excited about our "30's" (even though I have 1 1/2 years to go! heehee) but we are both so content and happy with where we are in our lives right now. This is exactly where I would choose to be and who I would choose to be with, and that is a great feeling!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I am Excited About!

Well today is my second to last day of work!!! I can't believe this time is already here! I went to the dr yesterday and Ann Mason passed her stress ultrasound in a record 14 minutes! The fastest the tech had seen all week, she is finally getting the hang of it! Only one more dr appt to go and I will be ready! Now that I see the light at the end of the tunnel there are some things I am SO excited about... this may get random!

1. I am excited to see my new baby of course! I wonder if she will have Cole black hair like I did or look more like Palmer or Tex as a baby?

2. I am SO excited to see if her bows fit in her hair :)

3. I am excited to spend a few nights with just Tex and Ann Mason in the hospital just the 3 of us like we got to do with Palmer (I am also terrified of leaving Palmer for a few nights so this one is filled with mixed emotions!)

4. I am SO excited to start doing some physical activity and not be winded walking up my flight of stairs! I have some MAJOR motivation to get skinny (i.e. two tiny bridesmaids dresses! YIKES)

5. I am excited to be able to fit into pants that button and to be able to shave places of my body I haven't seen in some time now!

6. I am excited to start going back to church and my meetings and getting into a routine again!

7. I am excited for this weekend to be 60 degrees!!! The cold weather is taking its toll on the Templeton's!

8. I am excited to see Tex's face when he sees his friends actually remembered his birthday this Saturday!

9. I am excited to see Tex act SO surprised about his Ipod and then have no idea how to work it! haha He will try to play with that thing for hours but have no clue what he is doing, that is why I love him!

10. I am excited for Palmer's face to light up and for him to say BABY when he sees his sister for the first time!

11. I am excited to see Ann Mason smile for the first time at Palmer cause she thinks he hung the moon!

12. I am excited that this weekend Tex and I get not one date night but two! We are going to see "He's just not that into you" on Friday (Tex picked it out another reason I love him!) and Saturday is the surprise party!

13. I am excited to hold a brand new baby in my arms and smell her sweet little smell!

14. I am definitely excited to have next week off to do some Blake things :) I am getting my hair, nails and toes done!

15. And lastly I am just excited that this time has come and that I get another chance to be a mom! It is overwhelming and I don't know if I am quite ready for it but I am excited non the less!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am Here!

I am still around folks :) Unfortanetly Ashley had to take her computer back :( I knew it would happen one of these days but I am having withdrawls! :) The Templeton's are surviving and dealing wtih this nasty weather.

Not much has been going on other than waiting for this precious baby girl to come! we have got the carseat in and her room is ready to go. The bags are pretty much packed and just need to be loaded into the car. I still can't decide if I am comprehending the fact that I am having a second child in 12 days, in fact I know I am not comprehending it! I guess it will hit me when I get to the hospital! I just pray that she is healthy!

I feel like a lot is going on before then so just of course making my OCD lists and checking them 16 billion times! :) My mom has told me to NOT do this but I can't help it. Do you think picking out Palmer's clothes for each day that I am in the hospital is a little excessive or typing out a menu of his favorite meals along with a detailed timeline of what his day should look like? What is wrong with me? When did I stop thinking that other people can do this stuff other than me! I hate to learn that I am such a control freak but it is becoming more clear each day, how do I stop this?

This weekend Tex's parents are coming in to visit and to watch Palmer for the big Surprise b-day dinner :) I am SO excited to give Tex his I-pod and to get together with our friends for one last good time before Ann Mason gets here. This is probably seriously the 5th "surprise" birthday for Tex since we started dating, I just love them for some reason and he is probably the most fun person to surprise cause he LOVES it more than I do :)

Other than that we are playing the waiting game for a new baby and some warm weather! I think everyone in my house will be in a better mood once the weather gets warmer :)

So one thing I have been doing a lot of is reading! I know I mentioned James Patterson before but I started reading his Womens Murder Club Series and they are SO good! I have knocked out the first two in just a couple of weeks! It is just like a cold case or CSI in a book! Here are the first two books!