Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime Fun!

Well, my kids are in full fledged summertime mode. I wish I could say the same thing for me. I think at times I get jealous that I have to work and can't spend lazy days at the pool soaking up sun and enjoying every moment of their summer break. Luckily we have family that can and will help them have the most fun summer possible despite having to go to "summer school" some. I also get a little out of sorts with all of the schedule changes and the kids not going to the same place every day, I know I sound like a ball full of fun!
My mom has been in since Saturday and it has been wonderful. I can't even imagine how tired she is, she has watched the big kids everyday and they have had SO much fun! We definitely don't want to see her leave tomorrow. We have some fun little road trips and overnights planned here and there so I am excited about that! I want to make it as fun as possible without them actually having the whole summer off. I think it is a way bigger deal to me than it is to them....
Here are some of things we are enjoying most...
Bike Rides (and now electric scooter rides) thanks to Neenie!

Outdoor time with friends! I love these two.

Late Bedtimes and Longer Days!

Walks and playing in the yard!

Spending time with Neenie!! They have LOVED her being here so much!

And getting to go to Cracker Barrel Palmer's all time favorite. This pic cracks me up, does anyone else's restaurant experiences look like this???

And most of all SWIMMING!

And it's not even June yet!!! haha I am looking forward to this summer, I will definitely be a lot cooler now that I am not 8 and 9 months pregnant like last Summer :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday Boy

My baby boy turned 6 yesterday! I don't know how this is happening SO fast! I can remember like yesterday my pregnancy, my excitement, his rough delivery, the nervousness, excitement and anxiousness over being a first time mom. I can remember all of it and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.
This boy continues to amaze me each and every day! I think this year more than any other I have seen the biggest change in Palmer. His fears and anxiety have really gone WAY down, his confidence has gone WAY up and he just plain ROCKS!

I saw him go into his first day of Kindergarten as a scared, anxious little boy that had no clue what "big school" was about. I watched him come home from his last day more grown up, more confident, social, happy and ready to be a first grader!

This girl is seriously his biggest fan. I can't tell you enough about how she adores him... even though she tormented him her first two years of life and still does occasionally she LOVES him and when Annie loves you she loves you with her WHOLE heart. He is her big brother, she wants to be just like him and tags along with everything he does and he let's her.

With each year that Palmer gets older I continue to see how much he is like me. He is ALWAYS thinking, always! Thinking about what has happened, what will happen, how things are going to work. I hope his brain grows quieter than mine over the years :) I see that even though he LOVES being social, his down time is just as important to him. We need to decompress. Annie and Tex forget it, they can be "on" 24/7!

I am finding out he is a class clown that occasionally gets warnings for talking, practical jokes and laughing. He apparently is pretty funny! He made AWESOME "grades" and the only negative he got was "uses time wisely" haha I am going to have to say he got that from his dad.

Chandler and Ann Mason are beyond lucky to have this guy as a big brother... his heart is as big as they come. He is sensitive and witty and complicated. This boy will keep me on my toes in the "what is he thinking" department. He is going to take a lot more probing than Annie. He internalizes a lot of things, again just like his mommy.
I am SO proud of this kid!!! Some of his big accomplishments this year have been:
* Starting and finishing Kindergarten and doing GREAT!
*First and now second tee ball team
*First Lost Tooth (that was a big one)
* Not sure how much he has grown in height and weight I guess I better make his 6 year check up-oops
* Riding a bike with NO training wheels and now he is a master :)
*Going to the beach and West Virginia. West Virginia is now his favorite place on earth, it's definitely the people!
Of course no birthday post would be complete without a trip down memory lane! Gosh, this boy steals my heart! I hope he always needs his mommy cause I am going to need him. (especially when he is probably going to be the most normal person in our house when the girls hit their teenage years! haha) I am so Proud of you Palmer! There are no words for how much we love you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My heart is so heavy right now thinking about all of the lives taken and destroyed in Oklahoma. As I celebrated with Palmer his last day of Kindergarten all I could think about was those parents that were trying to rush to the schools not knowing if their child was alive. I keep on playing that in my head and I can't even imagine what those minutes and hours must have been like for everyone. I can't imagine those brave teachers in the schools that did everything in their power to keep those children safe.
I keep on thinking about what I have "worried" about this week in my own life, the things that have consumed my mind and it seems so very insignificant. I keep thinking about how I have stressed over when the house was going to be clean and how all of the laundry was going to get done and the people of Oklahoma have lost everything.
Today I will continue to pray and for days to come because the devastation they are facing is something that no one should have to face. So, while I am blessed that Palmer had a successful kindergarten year and I couldn't be more proud of him... my thoughts right now go to each and every person in Oklahoma that have lost everything, especially those who lost loved ones. 



Psalm 46:1-2 

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth gives way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.

End of Soccer and Teacher's Gifts

Well, we finished another sport successfully! Here is Annie's soccer team with coach Daddy! They were a wild and crazy bunch of 3 and 4 year olds. I think unpredicatable would sum up the season. At one point in the last game there was one player out on the field! haha It was SO fun and we loved watching the chaos, it was definitely entertaining.
Listening intentally to the Coach :)

Her first ever trophy she was SO excited. Soccer really helped her confidence and once she decided to actually play (mid- season) she rocked the field. The girls has skills! Can't wait to see her play more! So proud of her, each day I feel like she grows a little more and we seem to be taking small strides in the strong will department :)

I managed to get my act together and get my end of the year teachers gifts out last Friday! Thanks you SO much to Mel at The Larson Lingo for being her creative self and ALWAYS including free printables! I know she saved this momma and has probably saved a lot of us! Disregard the background but we did flower pots for the teachers and then...

These cute printables from The Larson Lingo. "Thank you for helping me Bloom!"

I hope they liked them. I know I love any kind of plant and planter so I think they will actually be able to put them to good use!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Palmer's 1st Lost Tooth

May 16th was an eventful day at the Templeton household! Palmer's tooth had been lose and I made corn on the cob that night and he bit into it and it made it even more lose!!!
Luckily we have the best neighbor and all of the kids were there so we went in the front yard and Sarah pulled Palmer's tooth! (I have the video on facebook but cant figure out how to get it on here) He was SO brave, stood so still and didn't even cry when he saw the blood! I was SO proud.
To make it even more fun his best Bud Karson had a lose tooth too and that night he made his mom pull his so they lost them on the same day! Of course we made it a huge deal, I mean it is the first tooth he lost :)
We all took pics in his bed with his tooth in a bag :)
Mommy had to get in too! Do you see the cheese on this childs face? He was SO excited! 
I LOVE the internet but especially for reasons like this. Sarah and I went and printed out "tooth certificates" for both boys. So they got certificates and 5 single dollars, they were in heaven!
Each one of these milestones is a tiny pang in my heart though. I love them, I get overly excited, I make a big deal but inside sometimes my heart hurts a little. With every tooth and every last day of school it means they are getting bigger. I realize this is life but it just goes too fast! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Madness

How in the world is it the middle of May? Seriously? I have got to stop saying how busy we are because I know we are no more busier than probably most families around... I think maybe it is just that I haven't figured out how to do this with the most grace or efficiency. I think that is definitely the problem! I am the mom with 15 bags of stuff falling out of her stroller, sweating and trying to get from point A to point B with people behind me picking up items that keep on falling out behind me (true story a guy behind me literally picked up a sippy cup, my car key and a paci all with in about a 20 foot walk, I doubt he will ever walk behind me again!! haha)
This weekend was busy and fun! Here in Owensboro we have the famous BBQ festival. This is only our second year but it will be a tradition forever. Our neighbors all got together and had a cooking team, there is rides, junk, car shows and LOTS OF BBQ and FOOD!
Everyone loves the BBQ fest! Here is Chan (notice in the back she is riding with a blow up hello kitty) that is how we roll at the bbq fest! 
Tons of bouncies and slides!

And for the car lover in everyone (especially palmer) antique cars everywhere!

Again, if you didn't look closely you might have not realized that Palmer has a blow up camo rifle he won in a fishing game around him. Yes, this why we love the bbq fest! haha

My dad came in and went to the bbq festival with us which was great! He was a trooper and enjoyed watching the kiddos spend his money on cotton candy and fair like games :)
I think he needed some normalcy after we left so we had a great pre-mothers day dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant. The kids LOVE this restaurant and the hibachi grill keeps everyone entertained so it was a win/win. Chandler is on the side passed out from too much of the bbq festival :)

Happy little campers, they ordered their favorite STEAK!

Dad and I! Someone said on facebook that we looked alike and I never really noticed it until this picture but I think we do, maybe the noses???

This is the kids watching the fire! Not sure why Palmer is holding his ears! haha

Mothers Day was good. I was going to give a less than shining account to mothers day. Simply because sometimes I think I might put too high of expectations on this holiday. When you have three small kids I don't know if a day can ever be truly relaxing. During my pity party I realized how many mom's and women hurt on Mother's day for various reasons. I realized that even if I was still doing laundry, wiping booties, cleaning the house and cooking lunch that I am still blessed just to be doing those things. Being a mom is a privilege, don't get me wrong I still want ONE day where I can do what I want, be by myself and not worry about what anyone needs or wants! haha But right now in my life this is exactly where I am and exactly what I am supposed to be doing!
I am grateful to have my mom, mother in law, sister, sister in laws and friends that are moms to walk this path with me. To show me the way when it seems I have gone off track and help get me back up and show me what is really important!

Last night was a BIG deal! haha It was Palmer's first tee ball game of the season and Tex's first debut as a head tee ball coach! They did amazing! I was such a proud mom and wife. I loved watching them out there making memories. Palmer did amazing and you could totally tell what a difference one year made in his abililty to play!

At the end of the day when I literally fall into my bed from pure exhaustion I realize it is a good exhaustion. It is one that comes from the heart even on the days where I felt I did nothing right. I am so grateful for this madness because on the days when everyone is gone and the house is empty and clean, these are the days I will look back on and think of with all of the happiness in the world!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Powerful Stuff

I took this WHOLE article from HERE... I saw it on facebook and it moved me to tears. The truth of this whole post hit me with so much force. I can't tell you how many times over the years I have hated how I looked in pictures. I didn't want to be photographed with my newborn babies because I still looked so swollen and had a tire around my waist. I constantly scrutinize each picture of myself mentally judging each wrinkle and love handle. When the day comes and I am not on this earth anymore I want my children to have boxes (or a million shutterfly albums:) that they can go to and remember our whole family together, the memories we made, the laughter we shared and I know NOT once will they ever judge me when they look at those pictures just like I would NEVER see anything other than their beautiful, sweet innocent faces.

Here is the article... Enjoy!

So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed . . .

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Listen. I hear you. You’re a few pounds heavier than you like (or a 100lbs heavier than you like). I completely understand how you feel. I get that same blah feeling about myself when I think about booking new head shots or long overdue pictures of me and Justin. Precious, I even picked a career that has me permanently behind the camera rather than in front of it. Seeing myself in pictures actually produces the faintest sick feeling in my stomach. Isn’t it amazing we can see the beauty in our best friends, sisters, mothers, and aunts without the slightest thought to their flaws . . . but can obsess for hours on our own imperfections? We fixate on our flaws to the point we shirk at any documentation that our round faces and curvy bodies ever walked the earth. No pictures to show how we LOVE, how we laugh, how we are treasured by our families. How is it possible that a double chin can overpower the beauty of a mother cuddling her child? How does arm fat distract from the perfect shot of a spontaneous hug? I swear y’all . . . how is it that we can put more value on a TUMMY ROLL than the captivating way you throw yourself into a roar of laughter during a shoot?
In our warped minds pictures become frozen mirrors that we can stare at as we pick apart our features over and over again.
I know girl. I know.
My personal duck-and-cover (or signature “make a funny face”) approach to having pictures of myself changed completely when I had a serious car accident last year (and started over). In the flash of a second (or a flash of the text message the young woman was reading) my entire life changed. I nearly left this earth with no physical evidence of the goofy, wide open and loud love I have for my life, my husband, my family and friends. I haven’t had professional pictures done since our wedding in 2006 . . . always waiting for this elusive moment where I would be thin enough (pretty enough) to have such a permanent record of me. Because, you know, HEAVEN FORBID there be any proof that I look the way I actually look.
So here is the harsh truth y’all. Listen good. Our vanity is no longer enough of a reason to avoid the camera. Life doesn’t wait until you “get thin” enough to capture it. Life is happening . . . it is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living. I shudder at the thought of leaving behind no pictures of my life with ME in it. My mom says of the accident she is “just glad that we’re still a whole family.” My gift to her this Christmas was a family portrait showing just that, 9 months post-accident . . . a whole family.
So You're Feeling Too Fat for Pictures?  My Friend Teresa Photography Puts it All in Perspective.
Do you know what my mom sees when she looks at this picture? Her beautiful family all together.
Do you know what my husband sees? The family he gained the moment he met me (and how much he looks like my dad…)
Do you know what my dad sees? The happy family he has worked for every day of his life.
Do you know what my brother sees? That he got away with wearing shorts… :)
Shocker: No one is looking at how fat I look.

Can we agree to put the value of family over the value of fat? Can we just accept that the weight you’ve been trying to lose for 5 years might actually just be a part of what you look like . . . and that if this magical day does come when you’re acceptably thin you’ll STILL regret not having any pictures of you with your kids from ages 5 – 10? Can we acknowledge that the insecurities we have in our heads will never be a part of how our children, husbands, and friends see us? Can we just please let our loved ones remember the YOU they love?
Your children want pictures with their mom.
Your husband wants pictures with his beautiful wife.
Your mom and dad want pictures of the happy, successful, amazing woman they raised (ok, and more pictures of the grandkids while you’re at it)
And if you’re thinking that high school friend on Facebook will say to herself (“wow she has gained weight”) then . . . newsflash you DID. You gained weight. Shed a tear. Read a book. Drink a Sweet Tea. Watch Oprah. Whatever it takes. Accept this reality . . . YOU GAINED WEIGHT. The truth is you’ve gained a lot of other things too (a career, a family, some kids, a house, a love for travel, the ability to coordinate your separetes . . . ) and that girl from high school is going to spend a lot more time hating on those things then she ever will on your double chin.
So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed? . . . Ok. But you’re the only one who notices. The rest of us are too caught up in loving you.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Despite the non-stop rain this weekend we still had a great weekend! I was a little bummed because we had a great cookout planned with friends for the derby and the rain kind of changed everything but it worked out and we still got to see our friends and their sweet kids and made the most of it!
The best part of the whole weekend was Chandler's dedication at church. The dedication is  just comitting to God and our church to raise Chandler in a Christian home with Christian Values,etc...It is just a confirmation and a re commitment as her parents to do everything we can to teach her about God's Love in the way we live each day. It makes it even more special because my father in law (who I love with all of my heart) is the preacher and did the dedication!

Here are my three baby angels.... I could literally eat them. Chandler is the center of their world, it is ridiculous they literally fight over her!

Mamaw and Princess Chandler at church. She took her headband off during prayer!

Myke (my father in law) dedicating Chandler

Prayer time!

Afterwards we went out to eat with family and friends and enjoyed not having to cook or clean! ha! My sweet sister in a law and I!

My sweet neighbor turned amazing friend. :) She was so sweet to come with Karson and be there as we celebrated Chandlers special day!

Grandma Fran. She is like a kid whisperer, Annie just loves her!

Kathy and I! We made sure we didn't match :) haha

The girls!

Sweet Katelyn and I, she looks WAY to big and grown up in this picture!

Aunt Tricia and Uncle Johnny

The proud parents!

The cutest cake ever! I love having any reason to have a cute cake!!! The cake always makes it a party! ha!

Our fam! So blessed and content and happy with where we are today. There have been a lot of bumps getting here but it is very clear that God had a clear cut plan well before we knew what it was!
It was a wonderful day and I hope that my children find that passion for Jesus. I know that leading by example is the best thing I could ever do for them. During our recent bible study something hit me and has never left my thoughts. In the book it talked a lot about how when we hit our teenage/college years a lot of times we stray from Jesus before coming back and one father said something I thought was so profound... He said I know what happened.... "We raised her in church but we didn't raise her in Christ" I hope that my children know there is so much to having a relationship with God. It isn't about your attendence every Sunday or about the rules of organized religion but about your heart and that relationship that you have with Jesus. It is more than getting up on Sundays and filling the pews or saying the right things or listening to the right music. I hope that we can live by example and that they always know they have a loving, forgiving, amazing and powerful God!