Monday, May 20, 2013

Palmer's 1st Lost Tooth

May 16th was an eventful day at the Templeton household! Palmer's tooth had been lose and I made corn on the cob that night and he bit into it and it made it even more lose!!!
Luckily we have the best neighbor and all of the kids were there so we went in the front yard and Sarah pulled Palmer's tooth! (I have the video on facebook but cant figure out how to get it on here) He was SO brave, stood so still and didn't even cry when he saw the blood! I was SO proud.
To make it even more fun his best Bud Karson had a lose tooth too and that night he made his mom pull his so they lost them on the same day! Of course we made it a huge deal, I mean it is the first tooth he lost :)
We all took pics in his bed with his tooth in a bag :)
Mommy had to get in too! Do you see the cheese on this childs face? He was SO excited! 
I LOVE the internet but especially for reasons like this. Sarah and I went and printed out "tooth certificates" for both boys. So they got certificates and 5 single dollars, they were in heaven!
Each one of these milestones is a tiny pang in my heart though. I love them, I get overly excited, I make a big deal but inside sometimes my heart hurts a little. With every tooth and every last day of school it means they are getting bigger. I realize this is life but it just goes too fast! 

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