Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday Boy

My baby boy turned 6 yesterday! I don't know how this is happening SO fast! I can remember like yesterday my pregnancy, my excitement, his rough delivery, the nervousness, excitement and anxiousness over being a first time mom. I can remember all of it and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.
This boy continues to amaze me each and every day! I think this year more than any other I have seen the biggest change in Palmer. His fears and anxiety have really gone WAY down, his confidence has gone WAY up and he just plain ROCKS!

I saw him go into his first day of Kindergarten as a scared, anxious little boy that had no clue what "big school" was about. I watched him come home from his last day more grown up, more confident, social, happy and ready to be a first grader!

This girl is seriously his biggest fan. I can't tell you enough about how she adores him... even though she tormented him her first two years of life and still does occasionally she LOVES him and when Annie loves you she loves you with her WHOLE heart. He is her big brother, she wants to be just like him and tags along with everything he does and he let's her.

With each year that Palmer gets older I continue to see how much he is like me. He is ALWAYS thinking, always! Thinking about what has happened, what will happen, how things are going to work. I hope his brain grows quieter than mine over the years :) I see that even though he LOVES being social, his down time is just as important to him. We need to decompress. Annie and Tex forget it, they can be "on" 24/7!

I am finding out he is a class clown that occasionally gets warnings for talking, practical jokes and laughing. He apparently is pretty funny! He made AWESOME "grades" and the only negative he got was "uses time wisely" haha I am going to have to say he got that from his dad.

Chandler and Ann Mason are beyond lucky to have this guy as a big brother... his heart is as big as they come. He is sensitive and witty and complicated. This boy will keep me on my toes in the "what is he thinking" department. He is going to take a lot more probing than Annie. He internalizes a lot of things, again just like his mommy.
I am SO proud of this kid!!! Some of his big accomplishments this year have been:
* Starting and finishing Kindergarten and doing GREAT!
*First and now second tee ball team
*First Lost Tooth (that was a big one)
* Not sure how much he has grown in height and weight I guess I better make his 6 year check up-oops
* Riding a bike with NO training wheels and now he is a master :)
*Going to the beach and West Virginia. West Virginia is now his favorite place on earth, it's definitely the people!
Of course no birthday post would be complete without a trip down memory lane! Gosh, this boy steals my heart! I hope he always needs his mommy cause I am going to need him. (especially when he is probably going to be the most normal person in our house when the girls hit their teenage years! haha) I am so Proud of you Palmer! There are no words for how much we love you!

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