Friday, July 22, 2011


Happy, Happy Friday!
Words can not describe how pumped I am that it is Friday! That means we are closer to the end of this training period and hopefully closer to moving and getting settled! It has been a crazy week. These two wear me out but they make me smile and I love them more than anything, they also know how to push me to my limits daily! haha
So, we are still going ok with the house we had the home inspection done. No MAJOR items but a few things that need to be repaired and or replaced so hopefully the sellers will work with us and we can get this finalized and get a closing date!
It totally has not hit me that we are moving but the thought of having our own home again and all being together sounds wonderful right now!
We are trying to squeeze as much time as possible in with friends and family before we leave so this weekend we are going to hang out with friends and hopefully do some more packing. The more we can do now the easier it will be when the day comes!!!

Can't wait to make this thing official and post pics of our new home and all of our home projects!
Everyone have a great weekend!

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