Sunday, July 10, 2011

Splishin and a Spalshin

This weekend has been BEAUTIFUL!!! Yesterday we were so excited that my sister in law and my three nieces came in and went to the pool. Ashley and Belle joined us and the kiddos had a blast! Today we hope to go to the pool again before the weekend ends :(
Piper in her adorable swimsuit and swim cap! She is ALWAYS happy!

Ashley with Piper and Belle! Belle and Piper are about 2 months apart and they are so cute with each other! They have their own little language!

I am pretty sure we don't have one of all of the kids since it was just Jillian, Mia and Palmer and we managed to get everyone together! I LOVE, LOVE how the babies have their heads tilted exactly the same wondering what was going on! :) From R to L Jillian, Mia, Palmer, Ann Mason, Belle and Piper!

After pool and naps Palmer and I had a "date night"! Palmer and I don't always get to spend quality time just the two of us because Annie is a little demanding at this age :) So for us to go together alone was SO very special. He was cheesing from ear to ear and so was I! We ate too much popcorn and peanut M&M's and I even splurged and got a huge Cherry Coke (my all time fav at movies)

We of course went to see Cars 2! It was really cute, Palmer and I agree that Cars 1 was better but it was definitely a GREAT movie! Palmer wants to know when the mail lady is going to put it in our mailbox??? He is going to be waiting for a long time :)

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