Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emotions and a New Bedspread

Well, the repair negotiations are done on our new house and things still seem to be set for an August 15th closing on the new home! I am still SO cautious about getting my hopes up for some reason but knowing things are on the right track makes me feel a little more at ease! I can't wait to post tons of pictures of "before" and "after" shots and I am so excited to make this house our home by adding all of the things we love.

I am still obsessed with PINTEREST! Seriously, it could be the coolest website ever and my mind is spinning with all of the DIY projects, awesome recipes and beautiful decorating inspirations that I find daily! I am a total sucker for bedspreads, always have, always will. I LOVE them, I LOVE looking for them, I just have a thing for bedspreads :) So I did make one tiny purchase for the new home ( I mean you have to, right?)

My new thoughts on style are to go light and airy especially in our master bedroom. It has a bay window and a window seat and I just envision this beautiful white, light blue and beige room accented in silvers and whites that can be our retreat! Here is the bedding I picked out for our room. Still deciding on a color for the walls but I am thinking a pale, pale, pretty light blue. It makes me get excited just looking at it!

Well, for the emotions part! I have been waiting for the flood gates to open because I have been very unseasonably unemotional about this whole move, I think it had not hit me! Well, it has started! I think between yesterday and already this morning I have cried about 6 times! Everything I do now I think "this is the last time I will do "this" in Louisville. Or this is the last time I might ever drive down this street. And most importantly I am realizing I am seeing people, friends, family for the last time as a resident of Louisville, that really pulls my heartstrings! Don't get me wrong, I am excited about our move. Other than the fact I hate change :) this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for us, we are moving to a place where we have family and friends and it is familiar. A place where I hope to call home for many years to come. But at the same time I am leaving what has been my comfort zone for 9 years. My job that I have had for 7 years and old friends, new friends and my sister. It's ok to be sad, I know this! I just didn't know that I would be SO emotional! I think with anything else, the anticipation of a lot of change is worse than when it actually happens and I have had 11 weeks to anticipate so it has built up for a while :)

Tomorrow is my last day of work and I said goodbye to my boss yesterday and that was hard. Tomorrow I will say goodbye to co workers that I love. This weekend will be filled with going away celebrations! I know I will see EVERYONE again and I am just moving 2 hours away, so now that I say this it does sound a little dramatic! haha But I have loved Louisville, I think back to the day I came here and the person I am leaving and there is no doubt in my mind when I look back on my years here, that God had a purpose for me and he placed me here with  people that led me, helped, supported and walked with me during the good times and bad. I know God has wonderful plans for our family and I am excited about the future but right now I if you see me I might have puffy red eyes for the next week or so and it is only because this city and everyone that I know here has touched my life and my heart and distance will never change that!

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