Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th Part II and More Firsts!

Well the actual 4th started off raining and yucky outside and it was kind of a bummer! We decided to hit up Petsmart because Molly needed SOMETHING to for her dry skin, it is out of control! So we hopped in the car and still dressed festive and headed to Petsmart with the whole family, Molly included!
Ann Mason in her cute 4th dress and her pig tails and pig tail bows!!! I am so excited that I get to buy pigtail bows, I just order 12 pig tail bows off Ebay and can't wait till they get here!

Ok, so I am a total sucker! About an hour later in petsmart we walk out with two goldfish and a tank!! So now we have two fish weirdly named Herman and Jerry (Jerry is named after our 68 year old neighbor that the kids love)! Of course Herman and Jerry were fun for about 5 seconds but now mommy is about the only one that pays much attention to Herman and Jerry :) But another first we have fish!

Another first was I got the kids blue and red mixed icees! I mean these things never get old, I LOVED icees as a kid!!! My kids loved them as well! Ann Mason was pretty happy!

Sweet boy Palmer he loved his icee and looked so handsome in his 4th of July outfit!

Such a sweet first was meeting Miss Emma Claire for the first time. The Prathers have been our dear friends for 16 years and this is their second child and their first girl! Linds was a trooper and let us and all of their family come over and Emma Claire is only 5 days old and she is already rocking a 4th of July outfit! Her room and clothes are to die for! She is precious and we are so happy mom and baby are doing AMAZING!

Here is Palmer and Will Prather! They are so funny and play so great together! Will is more Ann Masons age but him and Palmer seem to be a good fit and a good balance!

This sums up the whole weekend! Ann Mason was bugging Prather to do the "grand finale" all night! She couldn't wait to get her hands on the biggest and best fireworks he had!

It was such a fun weekend and the kids were SO fun to watch enjoy this holiday!! I loved every minute of it! This week has gone by fast, thankfully! We are finished with week 7 of Tex's training!!! Only 6 more weeks to go! We hopefully will have some exciting things going on soon and start getting this move going! I can't wait to settle and have some roots!

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