Sunday, July 17, 2011

Answered Prayers!

Hello Blog! I have missed you!! I have wanted to write so many times on things that are going on in our lives but it seems like each day something changed and I didn't want to jinx myself like last time! Most of you know Tex took a job with a 13 week training period that takes him different places. When we accepted this job we thought the kids and I could go ahead and move, etc... and we made an offer on a house, had it accepted and then were told they didn't know 100% where we would be living!!!

This has caused my type A, control freak personality to have some major problems!! So FOR a VERY long almost 9 weeks we have waited and waited and waited for someone to give us an answer. Evey week we would say "this is the week, we just know it" and no phone calls. It was getting to the point where we HAD to have an answer, I have to start working where we are moving, the kids have to have a place in daycare, we need a house and oh yeah the one we have now we have to be out of soon! 

So for the past week especially we have been on pins and needles waiting for an answer because we found a second home in Owensboro that we REALLY didn't want to lose this time. We finally got the 100% confirmation that we will be located in Owensboro at the 11th hour on Friday about the same time that the realtor and mortgage loan officer needed our final sales agreement for what I hope is our new home!!! 

There are no words to describe the weight that has been lifted off of us just to know we can move forward and it isn't much longer till we are all reunited and maybe our lives will finally feel settled and we can put down our roots! 

I am not going to say much about the house other than we LOVE it, obviously it still has to go thru inspection, financing has to go thru, all the hoopla of buying a home. I am just praying that everything goes thru and we can close on our estimated date in August!! 

I have to laugh, not only am I moving to Owensboro but we bought a house that backs up to corn fields! Here is a pic of the backyard. Now the back of it has corn for miles, it really is pretty and is my view from the master bedroom ironic huh? I am kind of looking forward to hopefully a simpler way of life after the past few years! :) 
We were kind of bummed about the gloomy weather this weekend but then again it gave us a ton of time to pack and just relax! We have stayed in the house about 75% of the weekend! The next month is going to be crazy, exciting, emotional (in a good way) and super busy and a ton of work! I am sure I will have tons of posts on the move, the new home and our new chapter of life! We are SO excited!!! If the plan goes as follows we will have about 3 more weekends in Louisville and then we will be for the most part relocated, I am sure it will take a few weeks to get everything there but we will go ahead and start staying there and start work and school!

Thanks to everyone who always asked and has been there! Hopefully I will have a lot more exciting posts and I hope you all will follow us to Owensboro as we embark on this new journey as a family! We cant wait!