Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter is definitely becoming one of my very favorite holidays EVER! There is just something so relaxing and fun and meaningful about the whole holiday! It of course is all about Jesus! It is the reason for everything! I love that my kids are really learning the real meaning of Easter and Palmer knows the whole Easter story! I love that we have a church to go and worship an awesome God!
I also love our family traditions that we do every year without fail even though Mamaw is probably worn out! haha
Here are the cousins with their rabbit suckers! They thought they were hilarious!
Tex and I outside of church! I was a little psycho about pictures this year and I didn't hesitate to be a little bossy about it!~ haha Not one more holiday was going to go by with just a few pictures!

The whole family outside of the church. I was so proud of my father in law, he preached 5 amazing sermons over Saturday and Sunday!!! He is such a blessing to our family and all that know him.

My little baby Chan Chan! I could literally eat this child up, she is at the absolutely most fun stage ever!

Sweet Ann Mason, she was such a big, good girl this weekend! She loved hanging with the older girls and they treat her like one of them!

Katelyn helping Chandler before the big Easter Egg Hunt!

Our tradition at mamaw's dyeing Easter Eggs!

Palmer loved everything!

The kiddos and I, daddy had to work :( but we still had a blast!

I mean really? I can't help it she is too cute!

All of the girls and their favorite egg. Yes, don't ask... I pulled up after getting everyone lunch and my 5 year old had on a sports bra. I made it VERY clear that this was a one time deal!

Have you heard of Orbies? Well, I never had but my kids loved them! They are these silicon little balls and they filled a pool with them and they had games and prizes at the Easter Egg Hunt, I couldn't get Chandler out of there! haha

Katelyn and Chandler!

Someone got a swing from the Easter Bunny and she couldn't be more excited!!!

This years Easter theme.... Chevron, she looked so pretty!

Our 79th attempt at a family pic!

Tex and I, I don't think I could do this life without him. He is such a rock for our family we are truly blessed!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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