Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party and Flowers

Kelly's Korner is at it again this Friday! Today we're supposed to show posts of our wedding party and flowers! Tex and I had a large wedding party but I don't regret it for a moment! We have been blessed with the most amazing friends and I am so glad that each and everyone one of them was part of our special day! I didn't go as crazy with the flowers as I would have liked since they are OUTRAGEOUS in price :) but I did love my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets! I wasn't a big fan of wedding planning but I did love picking out the bridesmaid dresses and flowers! Enjoy the show....

The Handsome Men

The Whole Wedding Party

The Cake and Flowers

A Good View of the Bridesmaids Bouquet

A Good View of My Bouquet

The Bridesmaids during the Ceremony

All The Pretty Ladies!

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

My posts have been pretty boring lately I must admit! The Templeton's haven't been doing much of anything besides scheduling appointments for the house, going to Home Depot and packing! We did manage to go to Sonic and get ice cream last night at the request of Palmer! I have Palmer and Ann Mason's rooms packed so that is a start! The inspection went well and luckily we just have minimal repairs.

So we finally have a plan for our 2 week displacement! Either A. Our builder has an extra patio home that may or may not be leased so they will let us know Aug 15th if it is leased or if it is not leased. If it is not leased we can crash there with mattresses and a tv until our house is ready!

Plan B- If the patio is leased the kids and I are going to drive to Florida and stay with mom for 10 nights!!! YIKES have I lost my mind???? I figured I would take it slow and break up the trip into 2 days on the way there and back and just do 5 hours each day as to not overwhelm myself or the kids! This sounds like a great plan to me except for the fact that I will have to leave Tex to fend for himself and be a gypsy for 2 weeks and that makes me sad. As Tex reminded me it would be the best for both of us if I was not toting around 2 kids to different places for 2 weeks, so I guess he is right this is the best option! :)

So that is where we stand! Hopefully I will have some fun posts coming up! We have a few birthday parties and events coming up to spice things up!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Everything is Falling In to Place...

I am filled with relief tonight (well, for the most part!) We have a place to live as of today (pictured above!) WOOHOO! We are very excited about it. It is the perfect location and is so nice and safe! As of right now we are looking at closing on our house the 21st of August and moving in to our rental no later than Sept 4th (hopefully earlier!) so we will be in between houses for a little bit but we will manage!

I am just so thankful for a place to live! We are so excited about our new adventure and yet so sad to leave our first home that holds so many precious memories for us. It is certainly bittersweet but the future is looking brighter for the Templeton's with each day!

Thanks to Aunt Ashley I was able to get a jump start on the packing and got Palmer's entire room packed up in just 2 hours today! It will all come together.... it always does!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

I am laying in bed at 8:45 barely keeping my eyes open! All 10 of us girls made it home safe and sound from Chicago with a little less money, a little less sleep and a lot more memories! We had a great time eating lunch, shopping on Michigan Ave, eating at a great tapas restaurant for dinner and hitting the town for the Chicago Nightlife. Days like today remind me why I am glad I don't drink anymore! haha I have been dragging all day just from staying up too late and drinking too many red bulls! I can't imagine what the rest of the girls felt like!
One of my favorite parts of the whole trip was just sitting outside for lunch and just getting talk to my girls and have a leisurely lunch! The weather was gorgeous and it was just so fun to "people watch"! I think Tex and I are going to try and hit the windy city in September for our 5 year anniversary, it is such a great city!
I was the paparazzi last night and have been threatened about posting some of the pictures on facebook, internet, etc...... haha So I will post the G-rated ones that are appropriate for all ages!
Enjoy I know we did!

The Girls! From L to R: Lindsey, Katie, Kimmie,
Jenny, Erin, Jamie, Kourt and Blake

Kimmie, Ernie, Blake, Jenny and Jamie

Erin and I

The Funniest Girl I Know!

The cutest bride to be and myself!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Dress

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting another blog tour and this time it is of wedding dresses! I love doing different themes ever Friday cause it allows me to go down memory lane and look at pictures I haven't looked at in forever!

It is hard to believe that I have been married for almost 5 years! It seems like a lifetime ago and at the same time it seems like just yesterday! Looking back on my wedding album made me smile! I instantly remembered why I fell in love with Tex! Sometimes life gets so hectic that it is nice to take a moment to remember why you fell in love with your husband! It also helps you realize that we need to take time to nurture and grow that love no matter how busy life gets!

Here are some pictures from our Sept 2004 wedding... they are mostly of my wedding dress, since that is what I am supposed to be showing! Enjoy!

I'm Leavin On A Jet Plane.....

I am leaving for the glorious Windy City tomorrow! Mommy Templeton is saying Adios to the mini's, the hubby and all household responsibilities for a blissful 24 hours! We are flying out tomorrow and getting back on Sunday (just enough time to get relaxed before jumping right back in to reality :) I am SO looking forward to having an awesome time hanging out with my best friends, eating an adult dinner, sleeping in a hotel (with no fear of crying babies) and just letting my mind take a break from all that life is throwing at us right now.

I know by 12:50 pm on Sunday I will be dying to get home and squeeze the two cutest kids in the whole world cause let's be honest they are what life is all about! As much as mommy needs a break sometimes I need those two smiling faces even more! They keep me moving right along!

I will post lots of pictures when I get back! I am so excited to wear my dress from forever 21!!! GASP! I know!!! I always said I am NOT 21 and I do NOT need to shop there BUT I did find a cute dress for only $18 so I couldn't resist! See ya when I get back.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We are homeless!

Ok so the title is dramatic but I am starting to feel like we might be! Went to Shelbyville and looked at the ONLY 4 properties that met our criteria (which was not asking a lot) and the first 2 I wouldn't have even sat Ann Mason's car seat on the carpet and the second two were just a small step up from there!

So as we stand now, EVERY available property in Shelbyville is either A. In shambles B. Rented out or C. Won't take Molly!!!! (Who wouldn't take the sweetest dog in the world?)

We are resorting to now calling builders of new construction houses that have been on the market for some time to see if they would be willing to lease for a year!

The type A planner in me is all frazzled :) This would be one thing if it was just Tex and I we could bunk up somewhere but with 2 kids and a dog this is way more complicated! Pray that someone will be willing to give us shelter! hahaha

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


6:00 Pm - Offer written for our house!
9:30 Pm - Counter offer back to buyers!
10:30 Pm - Signed and accepted contract on our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which in a nutshell means that Tex, Palmer, Ann Mason, Molly and I officially have to find a new house , move to a new city, pack our house and ALL of our crap and be out in 30 days!!! Stressed? Nah! I can do this with 2 kids under the age of 2, right? I hope so!

Wish us luck! I know there is a lot of things that could happen so I don't want to jinx myself but this is a good start..... This is definitely a crossroads in our life and hopefully we have chosen the right path! I hope to look back at this pivotal moment and realize that it closed some doors while opening many more!

Going to the Chapel...

Saturday night we went to our friends, Dustin and Kelly's wedding. It was in Lexington and it was a blast! The Gray Family knows how to throw a wedding! :) My mom watched the kids and we were kid-free the whole night! It was great I even went thru the buffet twice (What? They just had those small plates! haha) The dancing was great and it was just so nice to see all of our friends again! Here are some pics from the night!!

Tiffany and Robbie!

The beautiful arrangements!

Erin and I!

Tiffany, Erin, Whit, Jenny, Blake and Kimmie (some of my greatest friends from college!)

Tex and I looking dapper for our night out on the town!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sick Day

The Templeton's are taking a sick day! I feel like a HORRIBLE mother cause I hesitated taking Ann Mason to the Dr for the past week cause I thought she was teething because she wasn't fussy.... well, last night she started running a fever so we went this morning and the poor thing has a double ear and double eye infection!!!! She is still smiling from ear to ear with snot coming out of her nose and watery eyes! I love that little girl. I guess next time I will just take her early just to make sure!

I stopped and got Palmer Horton Hears a Who (which by the way he is completley amazed by it and hasn't moved his eyes for the last 30 minutes) and got Ann Mason her amoxicillan and we are going to put back on pjs and all take naps!

I did find out how much AM weighs.... at 5 months she is 14 pds 12 oz and in the 46%! She is doing GREAT!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 5 Month Birthday Sweet Ann Mason

Ann Mason turned 5 months old on 07/16 and I can't believe this is all going so fast! It is been the most amazing 5 months for our family and she adds a whole new level of love that I never thought was possible!
Some things that Ann Mason is doing at 5 months are:
* Your are rolling everywhere! If I put you down in one spot in the living room and walk away you will be on the other side of the room in 2 seconds!!
* You love your jumperoo and exersaucer and are content playing in both for an hour at a time! They keep you so entertained!
* I am not sure how much you weigh and really couldn't even guess? We will find out next month at your 6 month check up! I know you are getting bigger and wear 6 month clothes right now!
* You are teething or so I am assume.... everything goes in your mouth and you chew and drool and can't seem to bite down hard enough on any of your innocent toys! I started to give you some orajel and it seems to be working!
* I cannot possibly count the number of times you smile in a day cause you are ALWAYS smiling! You love mommy but there is something about your daddy that already has you wrapped around his finger. You love when he talks and you light up when he comes in the room!
* You are going to start solids this week. I think I am starting with green beans... I am attempting to make my own baby food this time around so wish me luck that you like it! haha
* You drink 6 oz bottles about every 4 hours! You got yourself on a great schedule... I honestly had nothing to do with it!
* You sleep from about 8:30 to 5 am and then take a bottle and go back down until about 8. I will take this any day considering your brother didn't sleep until he was one!
*Speaking of Palmer... he ADORES you. Everything about you is fascinating to him and it makes my heart melt! You both light up when you see each other and you all have started to "play" or interact more since you are rolling over and can hold your self up on your belly.
* You are the absolute light of my life (you and your brother) you have been an amazing gift from God and your dad and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful children!
Ann Mason we love you from the bottom of our hearts and you have made such an impact on our lives in the 5 months since your birth. I have loved having a daughter more than anything and I feel so connected with you! We can't wait to see what the next month brings! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Palmer's 1st Birthday May 2008

Kelly's Korner hosting a tour of kids birthday parties! I decided to post the pictures from Palmer's 1st Birthday Party! It was so cute and so much fun! I loved looking back at the pictures and thinking about how much fun we had. I hope to get lots of new ideas for birthday parties to come... I LOVE parties!

My homemade sign for the door!

The Ice Cream Sundae buffet table! YUMMY!!!!

The deocrations from the backyard!

The Icre Cream Buffet pre-toppings and ice cream!

Picture Centerpiece for the outdoor tables!

Tables that show the "color scheme"

The indoor table with presents and goodie bags for the guests!

The Chaos that happened during present time!

The Coolest 1 year old on the block~!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's My Party I Can Cry If I Want To...

On Saturday after soccer we headed to the town of our alma mater Bowling Green, KY for our great friend's, daugthers 1st birthday! It is always so fun when we get together and it is especially fun to watch our kids all interact and have fun! Emerson was such a great birthday girl and looked adorable as always! All the kiddos behaved GREAT! Of course I think each one cried at least once but that is a given when there is no naps and tons of sugar involved! We had a blast and loved hanging out and seeing everyone! There were 11 adults and 7 kids and I think shortly we are going to pass up that number and the kids are going to out number the adults then it will get bad!

These are the pics from the birthday party~

From L to R: Riley, Emerson, Ava, Tatum, Palmer and Cannon

The Templeton Crew

Cannon and Robbie (Tex and Palmer's best friends forever)

Palmer eating only the icing on his cupcake!

Ann Mason, Blake, Riley and Erin

The Future David Beckham!

Palmer had his very first soccer practice this past Saturday morning and he did AWESOME! I was definitely the proud and glowing mom snapping pictures, alternating between the video camera and the regular camera trying to capture each moment! haha It was by far the cutest thing he has been involved in during his 2 years here on earth! There are 5 two-year olds on his "team" and they all had a blast.

There will never be a scrimmage this is all for fun and learning basic skills. They start off with stretching which was NOT Palmer's favorite and then moved on to dribbling and playing freeze with the ball, etc... It was great! Not to mention his two good friends Reid and Savannah are on his team so it is even more fun! I have always wanted to be the mini van driving- soccer mom and my dreams are coming true! haha

Here are some pictures from the momentous occasion:

"The Team" Bram, Savannah, Palmer and Reid

Me and the Soccer Star!

Me and Palmer's Best Cheerleader!

Running like David Beckham!

Kicking the ball like a pro!

Getting his energy out!

Proud Dad and Palmer listening to the "coach"

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Weekend Ahead....

Thank goodness it is Friday! This week has been fun but hectic! We have a GREAT weekend planned and I can't wait to post lots of pictures on Sunday! Tonight we are just hanging out at home maybe finally watch the movie we rented last weekend!

Tomorrow is a jam packed day for the Templeton's. Palmer (aka David Beckham) starts soccer with his two friends Reid and Savannah tomorrow morning! Tex is beyond pumped and has been daydreaming of soccer camps and traveling to games with him being the coach, of course! After that we will stop by the house to check to make sure it is spotless for our 3rd house showing this week! Keep your fingers crossed that we get an offer soon I don't know how much longer I can keep this cleaning business up! :) And then we are off to Bowling Green for Palmer's friend, Emerson's, first birthday! I LOVE getting to see my best friends from college and it is so fun to watch our kids play together!

Sunday my mom (aka neenie) is coming in and I can't wait to watch Palmer's priceless reaction when he sees her, he gets so excited like he can't believe she really is here! It is going to be a great weekend with great photo ops (If I can remember the dang camera!)

****On a Funny Note- My son cusses like a sailor! Not on purpose but he for some reason says the F-bomb for the word "frog". Of course we think this is secretly hilarious in the privacy of our own home and in front of our family but out in public is a different story! Ashley and I took Palmer to Cracker Barrel the other day for lunch and I guess he spotted a frog (aka f*ck!) So using his outside voice (because he doesn't grasp what an inside voice is) he very loudly starts exclaiming "Mom, I wanna frog but he is really saying LOUDLY Mom, I wanna F*ck! This goes on repeatedly for a solid 3 minutes and Ashley at this point has lost it and is laughing so hard she can't speak and I am trying to quiet him down while all of the Cracker Barrel patrons are staring at us with hateful eyes wondering why my 2 year old is dropping the F-bomb at the speed of light! TERRIBLE!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Favorite Pictures- Blog Hop Tuesday!

Since my children are my favorite people in the world I figured I would post my most favorite pictures of them both as newborns! Life doesn't get much sweeter than this....

Jackson "Palmer" Templeton 2007

Ann Mason Templeton 2009

MckLinky Blog Hop

Sunday, July 5, 2009

There's No Girl Like a Kentucky Girl!

My sweet friend Katie gave me a present for Ann Mason when she was born and I have been waiting until she could fit into it!

Ann Mason was praciticing becoming the future Miss Kentucky this weekend and I totally think she would have won! :)