Thursday, May 5, 2011

Different Generation

I had to laugh at this story... I was telling my sister Ashley how much Ann Mason talks and how much she already knows and says at 2 and it is just amazing! Ashley was laughing and said that when Ann Mason was over at her house last night she picked up a book about Moses. Ashley sat down and read to her and basically said " This is baby Moses and he grows up to be a man and he loves Jesus, etc..."

She then heard Ann Mason in the corner with the book repeating what she said probably in her own two year old language "This baby Moses, he growed up, Jesus love him and he had two cellphones!" Ashley quickly realized that Ann Mason thought Moses' two tablets of the ten commandments were his two cell phones! ha!

I realized that my kids are definitely growing up in a different world but I had to laugh because in Ann Mason's eyes two cell phones are pretty darn important so I think she got that Moses was a pretty important dude, which is all that matters :)

Louisville is a buzz about the Derby, which celebs are coming in town and all of the festivities, etc... I feel so out of it and I wish I was embracing it since it will be our last year in Louisville to attend everything but with little kids I think we just kind of let it pass by. So, we may or may not be the only people in Louisville with no Derby plans this weekend :) but I am ok with that! I am just SO glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

that is such a funny story! what a funny little girl!