Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweetest Gift Ever!

I am SO behind on my posts mainly because my USB cord is still missing and I can't download any pics!!! But I took a few with my camera phone of the sweetest gift ever! I have been asking for an apron, mainly because a lot of times when I walk in the kids are starving and I am still in my work clothes and it never fails I get an oil spot on my shirt :) It is not that I am Miss Betty Crocker (I wish I was!) and need to look all fancy, more so that I am a MESSY cook that doesn't want to ruin her clothes :) Anyways, totally not the point...

So, Friday I got home and the kids were WAY too excited to wait so this was laying out on the table! Tex never ceases to amaze me with thoughtful gifts like these. These gifts mean more to me than all of the expensive gifts in the world. To see Annie, Palmer and Tex's face was priceless too! I have a whole post on Mother's day but wanted to share this in the meantime!
Tex was so embarrassed but I thought it was cute and hilarious He forgot the word "day" so it says Happy Mothers 2011 :) heehee I think it makes it that much more special!  

Well, this was the best shot we could get with it on! See what I mean I literally have kids beating on me to make food right when I walk in the door! The blur down below is a hungry Ann Mason wanting food NOW! :)

I have been blessed beyond measure to be a mother to two amazing children and I have been blessed to have been given a mother and mother in law who love me unconditionally! I said a lot of prayers on Mothers Day because as blessed as I am I know there are a lot of people that are waiting for their call to be a mother. I can't imagine their struggles and I can't pretend to. I pray for everyone who is a mother, missing their mother and waiting to be a mother!!

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