Friday, May 6, 2011

Retail Therapy

I just wrote a huge blog post and my computer went down and I lost it all! So this is the more condensed version! I am BORED and at work on this beautiful Oaks day when the rest of Louisville is literally shut down! Although I am bored, I secretly am loving it...shhhhh don't tell my husband or kids! I have gotten to sit here for 4 hours in silence browsing the Internet, checking my bank account, updating my calendar, paying bills and now blogging. I know this may not sound fun to most people but to me this is WONDERFUL!

So as I was online shopping (actually not buying anything) just window shopping via the Internet I decided that I had some must share websites on the brain! Some of you may know these, some of you may not. If you don't go to them and get acquainted, they are AWESOME!

The first one is Zulily and it showcases different brands each day and they have HUGE deals for that brand that last about 2 weeks. For instance I bought Ann Mason a pair of "squeaker" shoes that are normally $40 for $14.99 the other day. They have awesome name brands like le top, Nicole Miller, Baby Nay, Baby Lulu and so much more! You have to sign up with an email but it is totally worth it! They have stuff for adults too, it is awesome!

The second website I just discovered today and maybe everyone has known about this one for a while but it is CSN Stores I got it off another blogger who bought all of her nursery furniture on there. It literally has anything and everything you would ever want or need for awesome prices!!! If you sign up you get 3% back on all purchases and member only buys and sales! I can't wait to look at this site more.

Another site that I ADORE that is probably pretty popular by now is ETSY, for some reason it took me a while to figure it out when I first got on it a long time ago but now I am a pro and LOVE IT! They have different buyers that sell items that they make. I just bought myself  a mothers day present from there and I can't wait for it to come in! It is a sterling silver and copper hand stamped necklace that has two discs with Palmer and Ann Mason's name on it. Hard to explain but so cute! You can find designer looking outfits for WAY cheaper on this site!!!

I still love amazon, I use this website mainly for used books and dvds for myself and the kids! It is the greatest ever. You can look up any movie and find it "used" for about 1/4 of the cost. I have never bought a "used" book or dvd that didn't come in great condition! I can't bring myself to pay full price for movies or books ever again!

I will forever love EBAY for pretty much everything random! It is where I scored Ann Mason's Easter dress monogrammed and everything for $18 and it is wear I buy all of her bows from as well. I have bought everything from jewelry to electronics on EBAY and love it!

Also while we are on the topic of shopping online and saving money! NEVER, EVER I repeat NEVER, EVER buy something online without first googling to see if there is a coupon out there for it. For instance, if I am going to buy something from let's say the Gap. I google Gap Coupons and at least 20 sites come up with coupon codes. You can at least get free shipping or 10% off every time, sometimes more.

So cheers to shopping online and saving money! I only have 20 more minutes so I better get back on it. If anyone has any other websites that are awesome and a good deal, let me know, I love to look around!!!

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