Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Victories

I just got one of the best calls.... Palmer called to tell me he POOPED in the POTTY! A little background... Palmer has been "potty trained" for at least a year and a half with #1. He wears underwear all day, everyday and never has accidents. Now #2 is another story! He is deathly scared of doing #2 on the potty and has built up so much anxiety about it.

As any good parent would do we totally used his 4th birthday party as leverage this week. We told him that we couldn't have a birthday party for him if he didn't poop on the potty. (Don't judge, we had no more tricks in the hat :) So we have been going back and forth from the potty with tears just trying everything for him to conquer his fear. Last night ended in tears and frustration as his anxiety won and he just couldn't make himself go.

Apparently today he was ready to try again. Tex said he tried to scratch his back and make him relax and finally Palmer said "Dad, I am ready just leave me alone" so Tex left the bathroom and the miracle happened! The joy in his voice when he called me at work to tell me of his big accomplishment was priceless!!

When I was talking to Tex I heard Palmer in the background singing "Go Palmer, Go Palmer!" Tex said he was SO excited and dancing around the living room! Words can never describe the love I have for Palmer and Ann Mason and to hear them so excited makes me SO happy!

So the birthday party is ON!!! Let the countdown begin :)

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Sarah said...

Congrats to Palmer! I agree, there is nothing better than seeing your kids accomplish something and seeing their excitement!