Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I will make this short and sweet :) because the details are mostly irrelevant but so that you all don't think I am crazy when I start talking about moving again I figured I would just go on and make a note of it! haha  To make a long story short we had to retract our offer from the house in Owensboro. We had put in the offer a clause that was contingent on Tex knowing that he would be in Owensboro 100% and by the date that we had to know by we just weren't given the 100% confirmation that we needed to move ahead with the home.

I think I cried for at least 5 hours that day, it was the day before we left for Vacation. It wasn't just because of the home (although that was a HUGE part of it because I LOVED that home with everything in me!) but more because now we have to wait and I have to be patient and I have to be still until the answers come and this goes against everything I have in me! I am scared to be without Tex for so long while he is in training, I am scared to not have all of the plans mapped out and ready to go and I am scared of just not knowing period!!!  I will just continue to pray that everything will work out because it always does but sometimes it is just so hard to trust!!

I will keep you updated but for right now we are just going to be still and keep life as normal as possible until we get word probably in July of where we will be moving and when!!

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