Friday, June 29, 2012

Mommy Time!

Well, this weekend was all about... ME! :) Tex took both kids to West Virginia to a family reunion and I decided to sit this one out. Of course I felt guilty at first but then realized that while I have been away from the kids for two nights in a row, never have I been away from the kids two nights in a row in my own house with NO plans!!!

I literally had 101 things I wanted/needed to do and didn't know where to start. So I figured I would start with a girls night on Friday night... what better way than to kick off the weekend. Of course we ate dinner and then had to go see this movie...
Hello.... Magic Mike!~

I still can laugh out loud just thinking about the scene. Literally hundreds of women in the lobby of the movies waiting to get in. They finally gave us the "go" and the whole lobby just errupted into high pitched screaming and women just started running. I was laughing so hard and I actually think I might have peed my pants slightly. You had to run with them or you would be ran over. There were even security guards outside of the movie!

As far as the plot, it was probably a C... but for those ladies you like Channing Tatum he gave an A++++ performance on the stage! haha It was fun just being there and listening to the ladies scream thru the whole screening!

Of course I went to places like Target, Ulta, Walmart, Menards, etc... Got my hair cut, went to the pool, church, took naps. I was productive!

One of the things I was most excited about was to decorate the kids bathroom. I am so mad at myself for not taking before pics. I looked and looked for one. This bathroom wasn't even posted on the realtor website because it was so 1980's! It had blue/silver/floral wallpaper and border everywhere! We actually decided after reading a lot of reviews to paint over the wallpaper. This wallpaper had been up for 20+ years and it would have ruined the walls to strip it. The paint actually turned out really good.
Tex finally got it all painted :) before he left so I was left with a clean palette to start decorating.

I took a few pics early on but have added some more stuff. Here is one view, I am probably going to trade out the picture frames on the shelves at some point but for now they will do.

Here is the few looking in. I went for the popular yellow and gray color scheme. I added some neat vintage crowns above the towels. Two princess ones and one prince for my 2 girls and 1 boy!

I am so excited about the way it turned out. I just walk by it and it makes me happy. I don't have a lot of patience so walking by the hideous wallpaper and old knobs for a year was a miracle!

I also got a tiny bit crafty. I have been seeing the cutest outfits on Etsy for newborns and they are gowns and or onsies with big flowers on them with the cap to match. They are literally wanting like $52 for them, so I made my own for $10! Bought the cap and flowers and hobby lobby for next to nothing. I thought it turned out super cute and Chandler will look adorable in it, of course :)

I also cleaned and organized closets so much that I am still sore today! :) I feel SOOOO much more ready for a baby now! As much as I missed my family dearly I need this weekend to recharge, re-organize, re-group and just take a time out! I am thankful I have an awesome husband who let me do this!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

32 Weeks!

I am 32 Weeks! So...officially 8 months today! WOO HOO! I just downloaded instagram on my phone so I am still having fun figuring out how it all works. So I thought I would "instagram" my 32 week photo.

Things are going pretty good. This week has seriously been so busy at both home and work I don't know which way I am going!
Weight Gain: 19 pounds, I am hungry all of the time :)
Baby Girl has been moving and has her bootie so far up in my ribs it hurts but I love to feel it!
We go for another ultrasound next week, I.CAN'T.WAIT to see how much she weighs and if she is doing good!
Palmer and Ann Mason are starting to get excited about the hospital and have been asking tons of questions! I just can't wait for them to be a big brother and sister, they already love her so much!

Well its supposed to be anywhere from 102-106 here today. The rest of the weekend is 100 + I have some fun, fun things planned this weekend. Will post on that later :) I will be staying inside though for sure!

Happy Thursday! Friday can't get here quick enough!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We had such a FUN but busy weekend! This preggo momma can't run like I used too, I am definitely getting worn out easier! This past Thursday Uncle Matt came in from Cali. "Uncle Mac" as the kiddos call him is definitely the "cool" uncle from California! The kids love seeing him and just like to stare at him! haha He is used to it by now. We don't get to see him near as much as we would like but every time we do see him, it is awesome!

Tex and his sister and brother!

With Uncle Mac in that means even more time at Mamaw and Papaws and that for the kids is like winning the lottery! They have the best time ever over there with their cousins and playing and screaming! Their fav thing to do is dress up in Papaw's cowboy gear and run around the house like crazy people!

Saturday the kids and I took a mini road trip to see my best friend Kelly and her daughter Caroline. Caroline and Ann Mason are 11 days apart which is so fun. Being girls though we have had a few visits where there was some major girl competition. Not meaness but more of the "I want the same thing she has" kind of thing going on.

Not this time! They got along SO well, they did not fuss at each other one time, it was SO awesome! I know Kelly and I were both hesitant to say anything at first because it was SO good but they were great the whole day! I am SO proud of these two and love them dearly! It is like watching mini versions of their momma and I!

And Palmer fits right in with the girls! :) He loves them too!

The happy kiddos! Chick Fil A, Pool Day, Play time. It pretty much was an AWESOME day! We had so much fun!

I have to admit by sunday I was pretty worn out! I think it hasn't hit me that I can't go, go, go like before. It may be time that I have to slow down a little. This baby girl feels like she weighs 10 pounds, I know it is only going to get bigger but it feel so big now! ha! I don't think the 100 degree weather was helping out either. I stayed in the ac most of the day Sunday and rested when I could! I just keep waiting for those random burts of energy, I LOVE those! 

I don't see me slowing down for at least a few more weeks,Uncle Mac is in this week and we have 3 ball games this week too! I always try and remind myself there will be plenty of time one day to be bored right? :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

31 weeks!

I turned 31 weeks yesterday! Sorry I don't have a 31 week shot so I opted for posting more maternity pics :)

31 Weeks: High of the Week: Actually scheduling on paper Chandlers arrival
Low of the Week: Probably my need to pee every 5 minutes
Weight Gain: 18 lbs
Exciting Updates: Chandlers room is getting organized, kids bathroom is getting painted and things are starting to come together slowly!
Cravings: Nothing. I eat too much and I don't have room for it! :)
Here are some more maternity pics. If you know me you know I love my husband dearly and we have a great relationship and joke about anything. Well, one thing we had a good laugh about this week was his HAIR! To put it nicely my husband is going bald. Not the cute kind of bald but the scary kind :) AND he never finds time to cut his hair because obviously shorter hair looks better when you are thinning than longer hair.

Well.... this is an on-going joke in our house how I am going to live with him going bald. When I got the maternity pics back we both were shocked and started dying laughing. Tex's hair looked TERRIBLE. I mean terrible as in 1980's comb over, slight curl, etc... luckily he has redeemed himself and has gotten a cute stylish short cut but in these pics it is just plain terrible! Hence the fact there are none of him on the blog with his 1980's feathered do :) While I do love my husband I do NOT like his hair in these pics. The pic will be one we all gather around the table and crack up at in 20 years for sure while the kids scream "Oh my gosh Dad! What were you thinking :)"

The hand/belly shot

My sweet peas, you can tell this is where Ann Mason turned a corner. She was NOT going to smile what so ever!

The three of us, again Palmer so sweet and cooperating and Annie looking at the camera like "Are you done yet woman?"

This pic cracks me up because apparently Jennifer shot it as I was trying to pick Ann Mason up as she went limp and decided to roll around on the floor and not cooperate! My smile is one of those like "I am so secretly embaressed I am going to kill my kid when we leave here" kind of smiles! ha! My teeth were clenched for sure!    

We have a fun family/friend weekend coming up! Uncle Matt is in from Cali and Mamaw gets in tonight from her visit out there so the kids are dying with Excitement! We are heading to Nashville for a day of fun in the sun with Kelly and Caroline tomorrow!  TGIF!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few More Maternity Shots...

My photographer has been SO nice and sent me little sneak peeks along the way... I go to pick up my cd tonight so I am really excited. I almost didn't do these at all and I am just so glad that I did I know I will cherish them forever.

Here is another one. Not crazy about the bare belly shots (for me) but let me tell you this woman can work wonders on photo shop! If she managed to erase my stretch marks she needs an award! haha

I just can't explain how much I love this picture strictly because of my sweet baby boy! His face is just priceless, this kid pulls at my heart strings daily. He is SO happy in a quiet, caring, loving way about his baby sisters arrival. Tex and I talked last night and I can get teary eyed just thinking about it but he is my child that I have to be careful that we give him enough attention when the baby is born. I know this sounds bad but he is SO easy compared to Ann Mason (bless her heart! ha!) that sometimes I know we probably put a lot more energy into her because she takes a lot more energy in general. We both know that we are going to make a lot of special dates with this guy. He needs and deserves some "just Palmer" time. I would be his date for the rest of my life if he'd have me :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Out of my Comfort Zone!

I went to see the dr this morning and we scheduled my c-section!! We are set for August 17th at 7:15 am. I have to admit I got a small lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Obviously I knew this day was coming but just hearing it finalized was so surreal :)

Things are starting to come together, little things are falling into place and so many of our worries and fears have slowly started to fall by the wayside. Things are look bright and I am truly getting excited to have this new baby complete our family. She is SO loved already I just can't wait for her to get here.

I had some extra flex hours at work and took off at lunch yesterday and I had 4 WHOLE hours at home all by myself, it was AWESOME! I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom and got 3/4 of all of the tubs of clothes, hung, cleaned, folded and put away. I know this probably doesn't sound awesome to some people but for me I LOVE crossing things off my to do list! :) I think we are really starting to get ready for the new baby.

So I have totally debated putting this on my blog. When I went to take maternity pics the photographer was SO sweet and she suggested trying some "different" things. I am much more the stay inside the box person especially when it comes to pictures of me! I get my cd tomorrow and I can't wait to see the the rest of the photos of the kids hands on my belly, etc... She sent this picture to me last night and she has a technique where she puts textures on the photo. As much as it makes me uncomfortable I really do love this photo! I know one day I will look back and be grateful I have it and by that time in my life will probably think I didn't look 1/2 bad! ha! 

It definitely won't be posted on facebook but thought I would share it on my blog! Today is a good day, I am completely grateful for all of the hardships over the last months because little by little they are turning into huge blessings!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chandler's Room- sort of...

Ok so we Kinda/Sort of got some stuff done this weekend. I may or may not have shed a few tears just strictly from the fact that there is SO much I want to do and I don't have the energy to do it or I can't do it (like paint) and I am not so patient waiting on Tex to do it! :) Does that sound like a hormonal pregnant woman or what??? I know, I know it will get done. I would just prefer it to be done sooner rather than later. Tex and I balance each other out in the best way but one thing we disagree on is the work now/play later (my motto) because he is a play now/work later kind of guy :) It will all miraculously come together and sweet baby Chandler won't know the difference!

Excuse the absolute terrible quality of pics via my phone but this was the best shot of me getting them up on the blog in a timely manner...

chandler's room is actually what used to be the office for the previous owners. It is small and cozy to say the least. It has wonderful deep closets and built in's but no window. I still love it, even though it is tiny!

Here is a view of the crib, dresser and chair with ottoman. I wish you could see the paint in it's true color I LOVE it!

Here is the view of the mirror, lamp and dresser. We still have to hang mirror, put stuff on the dresser, etc...

This is one of the built ins that will serve as the changing table. I have some cute wooden plaques that are going to go behind it to make it cute and fun!

This is one of the two closets in the room. They are the best closets ever and are SO deep. Thankfully we have a lot of storage in this room for all of her girly clothes!

The crib with the bedding! I loved the bedding when I got it but love it even more in the bed!

And Ann Mason LOVING every minute of getting this baby's room together! I have to keep her out of the room most of the time. She can hardly wait!

We still need french doors, decorations, etc.. but I like how it is going! I LOVE decorating nurseries!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

30 weeks and a Baseball Star

I was 30 weeks yesterday! We are starting to round the corner! Feeling pretty good. Get a little sore and ankles are starting to swell slightly after a long day but other than that all is good right now. Moods are definitely still level, thank goodness! I seriously look back on the first half of the pregnancy with shock about how crazy I felt, I am SO glad it was temporary :)

The crib is going up this weekend (hopefully tonight) the bedding is getting washed and I am hoping the room is going to at least get pieced together some what this weekend. We still are waiting on some wall decor to come in and little things but at least we can make it look like a room vs. something on the episode of hoarders :)

I have to admit when I moved to Owensboro I had no interest in baseball, softball, etc... I really hadn't ever gotten into the sport or gone to many games. Little did I know my past time here would be spent at the ball field watching my niece and nephew and of course my Palmer! I have actually grown to love watching this sport and just the whole "ball field" atmosphere. It is fun, social and the kids LOVE it. I am pretty sure we are going to go broke at the concession stand :)

This guy had his best game ever last night! Thanks all of the family and friends that showed up just to cheer him on, Palmer felt like a super star! He made two runs and got his first out while playing second base! He made sure everyone was watching and just smile at us. He loved every second of it. I have to admit I think the snack at the end of the game is still more important to him but he's just 5! :)
And then there's this girl.... I can't even begin to describe what a hot mess she is. She is like a tom boy with dress up high heels. You can't see in this picture but in fact she does have on her dress up heels and yes, I am the mom that let's her wear them to the baseball field :) She is dying to start gymnastics or play a sport so she was practicing her "swing" after the game. I don't know if the world is ready for this one :)

We have a low key weekend planned. We gave Tex his fathers day gift last night the kids were too excited. I am looking forward to lost of organizing and lot of playing!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day Late and a Dollar Short...

Where to begin? Well, Palmer is better thank goodness! That virus was NASTY. I have never seen him that sick, poor thing was literally down for 3 days and it took the rest of the weekend to fully regain his strength back. LUCKILY as of right now the rest of us are fine but any time you have a sick little one I think it takes a toll on everyone.

We seem to be back in action! I totally missed my weekly pregnancy update so here is a short recap! I turned 29 weeks last Thursday. Weight Gain - surprisingly still 15.5. I think night sickness has come back and kind of slowed down the weight gain. Apparently I can't eat anything with tomatoes right now :) Room is painted and the clothes were all being washed until the dryer went out on Sunday, kind of par for the course right now. Still no crib up or decorations, we will get there (or at least I keep telling myself) I think Palmer's room was done and completed in Feb he wasn't born until May and Ann Mason's room was done and completed in Nov and she wasn't due until February. Is this part of the 3rd kid syndrome? haha

29 weeks!

I was one proud momma on Sunday! Poor Palmer only got to go to one day of VBS but on Sunday the kids all performed the two songs with motions that they learned from the week. Ann Mason is literally standing behind Palmer not singing or moving and hid the whole time :) but Palmer got up there even though he really didn't know the routine well and did really good! I guess as a parent you are never really sure how that first public performance is going to go but they both got up on stage and no one ran off crying so I think it was pretty successful! It helped that Mamaw and Ethan were up there right beside him :) They did great!

If you asked Palmer and Ann Mason what the big news of the week would be they would scream... WE GOT A TRAMPOLINE! After not one, not two but 3 attempts to put it together Tex finally got it right! haha The kids are SO excited! I plan on lots of jumping so that mommy has some time to get some stuff done! ha!

That's about it! This weeks seem to keep on ticking by. Hopefully this weekend we will see some progress on the nursery!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

28 weeks!

As promised my 28 week update a little late. This is BOLD for me, people! A maternity pic in a bathing suit, yikes! I didn't get any other pics of just myself and I thought it was a nice change from the bathroom self-portraits I have been taking!

Well, we are definitely back to reality poor Palmer woke up at 4 am with what we think is the fever virus where he spikes fevers on and off and just feels horrible. We have been told it lasts for 3 days to a week, I am praying for 3 days! It breaks my heart he is missing his first ever Vacation Bible School and he cried SO hard this morning watching his sister and cousin go it about broke my heart in two! I hope he feels better enough to at least go one or days at the end of the week!

Exciting news is we did get the nursery painted and I LOVE, LOVE the color. We haven't made any other progress but it will get done :) I got to see my precious baby girl this morning and she is already 3 lbs!!! She is in the 51% and is right on target. She is giving mommy all kinds of heartburn and other unmentionable problems right now but we are sticking with it.! ha! So far so good, another ultrasound is scheduled for 4 weeks so I always look forward to that!

Yep, the weight is coming on strong! I think week 28 and 29 will both be 2 pound weeks! I hope that is SLOWS down some! I haven't been able to eat as much in a setting so maybe that will help :)

It's now June so we are one month closer to meeting our sweet baby Chandler!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sneak Peak..

I found a photographer that was running an awesome deal on the newborn/first year photo package. With the package you got free maternity pics. I am not a big maternity pics fan (of myself, not of others) probably just like everyone else I don't think I look especially cute pregnant, blah, blah, blah

Well to my surprise I received this little sneak peak today in my inbox and I LOVE this photo! If ya'll only knew what this little diva was doing before the picture (i.e. THROWING a FIT and being bribed by the photographer with dress up clothes!) I am just so surprised we even got ONE good picture! It makes me excited to see the rest!!!

Stay Tuned...

We are back! We are happy, healthy, sun-kissed and exhausted from fun! Our trip got cut short due to Tex's work :( but everything works out in the end. It gave the kids and I about 4 days to have a little stay-cation at home and we worked hard and played even harder!

I have TONS of pictures, weekly pregnancy updates and much more! We even started painting the baby's room this weekend! The countdown is on :) I am hoping to get caught up on everything tonight! Fingers crossed!