Monday, June 18, 2012

Chandler's Room- sort of...

Ok so we Kinda/Sort of got some stuff done this weekend. I may or may not have shed a few tears just strictly from the fact that there is SO much I want to do and I don't have the energy to do it or I can't do it (like paint) and I am not so patient waiting on Tex to do it! :) Does that sound like a hormonal pregnant woman or what??? I know, I know it will get done. I would just prefer it to be done sooner rather than later. Tex and I balance each other out in the best way but one thing we disagree on is the work now/play later (my motto) because he is a play now/work later kind of guy :) It will all miraculously come together and sweet baby Chandler won't know the difference!

Excuse the absolute terrible quality of pics via my phone but this was the best shot of me getting them up on the blog in a timely manner...

chandler's room is actually what used to be the office for the previous owners. It is small and cozy to say the least. It has wonderful deep closets and built in's but no window. I still love it, even though it is tiny!

Here is a view of the crib, dresser and chair with ottoman. I wish you could see the paint in it's true color I LOVE it!

Here is the view of the mirror, lamp and dresser. We still have to hang mirror, put stuff on the dresser, etc...

This is one of the built ins that will serve as the changing table. I have some cute wooden plaques that are going to go behind it to make it cute and fun!

This is one of the two closets in the room. They are the best closets ever and are SO deep. Thankfully we have a lot of storage in this room for all of her girly clothes!

The crib with the bedding! I loved the bedding when I got it but love it even more in the bed!

And Ann Mason LOVING every minute of getting this baby's room together! I have to keep her out of the room most of the time. She can hardly wait!

We still need french doors, decorations, etc.. but I like how it is going! I LOVE decorating nurseries!!

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