Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few More Maternity Shots...

My photographer has been SO nice and sent me little sneak peeks along the way... I go to pick up my cd tonight so I am really excited. I almost didn't do these at all and I am just so glad that I did I know I will cherish them forever.

Here is another one. Not crazy about the bare belly shots (for me) but let me tell you this woman can work wonders on photo shop! If she managed to erase my stretch marks she needs an award! haha

I just can't explain how much I love this picture strictly because of my sweet baby boy! His face is just priceless, this kid pulls at my heart strings daily. He is SO happy in a quiet, caring, loving way about his baby sisters arrival. Tex and I talked last night and I can get teary eyed just thinking about it but he is my child that I have to be careful that we give him enough attention when the baby is born. I know this sounds bad but he is SO easy compared to Ann Mason (bless her heart! ha!) that sometimes I know we probably put a lot more energy into her because she takes a lot more energy in general. We both know that we are going to make a lot of special dates with this guy. He needs and deserves some "just Palmer" time. I would be his date for the rest of my life if he'd have me :)

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Nennie said...

I love this picture too! He is so sweet:)