Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We had such a FUN but busy weekend! This preggo momma can't run like I used too, I am definitely getting worn out easier! This past Thursday Uncle Matt came in from Cali. "Uncle Mac" as the kiddos call him is definitely the "cool" uncle from California! The kids love seeing him and just like to stare at him! haha He is used to it by now. We don't get to see him near as much as we would like but every time we do see him, it is awesome!

Tex and his sister and brother!

With Uncle Mac in that means even more time at Mamaw and Papaws and that for the kids is like winning the lottery! They have the best time ever over there with their cousins and playing and screaming! Their fav thing to do is dress up in Papaw's cowboy gear and run around the house like crazy people!

Saturday the kids and I took a mini road trip to see my best friend Kelly and her daughter Caroline. Caroline and Ann Mason are 11 days apart which is so fun. Being girls though we have had a few visits where there was some major girl competition. Not meaness but more of the "I want the same thing she has" kind of thing going on.

Not this time! They got along SO well, they did not fuss at each other one time, it was SO awesome! I know Kelly and I were both hesitant to say anything at first because it was SO good but they were great the whole day! I am SO proud of these two and love them dearly! It is like watching mini versions of their momma and I!

And Palmer fits right in with the girls! :) He loves them too!

The happy kiddos! Chick Fil A, Pool Day, Play time. It pretty much was an AWESOME day! We had so much fun!

I have to admit by sunday I was pretty worn out! I think it hasn't hit me that I can't go, go, go like before. It may be time that I have to slow down a little. This baby girl feels like she weighs 10 pounds, I know it is only going to get bigger but it feel so big now! ha! I don't think the 100 degree weather was helping out either. I stayed in the ac most of the day Sunday and rested when I could! I just keep waiting for those random burts of energy, I LOVE those! 

I don't see me slowing down for at least a few more weeks,Uncle Mac is in this week and we have 3 ball games this week too! I always try and remind myself there will be plenty of time one day to be bored right? :)

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