Friday, June 22, 2012

31 weeks!

I turned 31 weeks yesterday! Sorry I don't have a 31 week shot so I opted for posting more maternity pics :)

31 Weeks: High of the Week: Actually scheduling on paper Chandlers arrival
Low of the Week: Probably my need to pee every 5 minutes
Weight Gain: 18 lbs
Exciting Updates: Chandlers room is getting organized, kids bathroom is getting painted and things are starting to come together slowly!
Cravings: Nothing. I eat too much and I don't have room for it! :)
Here are some more maternity pics. If you know me you know I love my husband dearly and we have a great relationship and joke about anything. Well, one thing we had a good laugh about this week was his HAIR! To put it nicely my husband is going bald. Not the cute kind of bald but the scary kind :) AND he never finds time to cut his hair because obviously shorter hair looks better when you are thinning than longer hair.

Well.... this is an on-going joke in our house how I am going to live with him going bald. When I got the maternity pics back we both were shocked and started dying laughing. Tex's hair looked TERRIBLE. I mean terrible as in 1980's comb over, slight curl, etc... luckily he has redeemed himself and has gotten a cute stylish short cut but in these pics it is just plain terrible! Hence the fact there are none of him on the blog with his 1980's feathered do :) While I do love my husband I do NOT like his hair in these pics. The pic will be one we all gather around the table and crack up at in 20 years for sure while the kids scream "Oh my gosh Dad! What were you thinking :)"

The hand/belly shot

My sweet peas, you can tell this is where Ann Mason turned a corner. She was NOT going to smile what so ever!

The three of us, again Palmer so sweet and cooperating and Annie looking at the camera like "Are you done yet woman?"

This pic cracks me up because apparently Jennifer shot it as I was trying to pick Ann Mason up as she went limp and decided to roll around on the floor and not cooperate! My smile is one of those like "I am so secretly embaressed I am going to kill my kid when we leave here" kind of smiles! ha! My teeth were clenched for sure!    

We have a fun family/friend weekend coming up! Uncle Matt is in from Cali and Mamaw gets in tonight from her visit out there so the kids are dying with Excitement! We are heading to Nashville for a day of fun in the sun with Kelly and Caroline tomorrow!  TGIF!

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