Friday, June 29, 2012

Mommy Time!

Well, this weekend was all about... ME! :) Tex took both kids to West Virginia to a family reunion and I decided to sit this one out. Of course I felt guilty at first but then realized that while I have been away from the kids for two nights in a row, never have I been away from the kids two nights in a row in my own house with NO plans!!!

I literally had 101 things I wanted/needed to do and didn't know where to start. So I figured I would start with a girls night on Friday night... what better way than to kick off the weekend. Of course we ate dinner and then had to go see this movie...
Hello.... Magic Mike!~

I still can laugh out loud just thinking about the scene. Literally hundreds of women in the lobby of the movies waiting to get in. They finally gave us the "go" and the whole lobby just errupted into high pitched screaming and women just started running. I was laughing so hard and I actually think I might have peed my pants slightly. You had to run with them or you would be ran over. There were even security guards outside of the movie!

As far as the plot, it was probably a C... but for those ladies you like Channing Tatum he gave an A++++ performance on the stage! haha It was fun just being there and listening to the ladies scream thru the whole screening!

Of course I went to places like Target, Ulta, Walmart, Menards, etc... Got my hair cut, went to the pool, church, took naps. I was productive!

One of the things I was most excited about was to decorate the kids bathroom. I am so mad at myself for not taking before pics. I looked and looked for one. This bathroom wasn't even posted on the realtor website because it was so 1980's! It had blue/silver/floral wallpaper and border everywhere! We actually decided after reading a lot of reviews to paint over the wallpaper. This wallpaper had been up for 20+ years and it would have ruined the walls to strip it. The paint actually turned out really good.
Tex finally got it all painted :) before he left so I was left with a clean palette to start decorating.

I took a few pics early on but have added some more stuff. Here is one view, I am probably going to trade out the picture frames on the shelves at some point but for now they will do.

Here is the few looking in. I went for the popular yellow and gray color scheme. I added some neat vintage crowns above the towels. Two princess ones and one prince for my 2 girls and 1 boy!

I am so excited about the way it turned out. I just walk by it and it makes me happy. I don't have a lot of patience so walking by the hideous wallpaper and old knobs for a year was a miracle!

I also got a tiny bit crafty. I have been seeing the cutest outfits on Etsy for newborns and they are gowns and or onsies with big flowers on them with the cap to match. They are literally wanting like $52 for them, so I made my own for $10! Bought the cap and flowers and hobby lobby for next to nothing. I thought it turned out super cute and Chandler will look adorable in it, of course :)

I also cleaned and organized closets so much that I am still sore today! :) I feel SOOOO much more ready for a baby now! As much as I missed my family dearly I need this weekend to recharge, re-organize, re-group and just take a time out! I am thankful I have an awesome husband who let me do this!

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