Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day Late and a Dollar Short...

Where to begin? Well, Palmer is better thank goodness! That virus was NASTY. I have never seen him that sick, poor thing was literally down for 3 days and it took the rest of the weekend to fully regain his strength back. LUCKILY as of right now the rest of us are fine but any time you have a sick little one I think it takes a toll on everyone.

We seem to be back in action! I totally missed my weekly pregnancy update so here is a short recap! I turned 29 weeks last Thursday. Weight Gain - surprisingly still 15.5. I think night sickness has come back and kind of slowed down the weight gain. Apparently I can't eat anything with tomatoes right now :) Room is painted and the clothes were all being washed until the dryer went out on Sunday, kind of par for the course right now. Still no crib up or decorations, we will get there (or at least I keep telling myself) I think Palmer's room was done and completed in Feb he wasn't born until May and Ann Mason's room was done and completed in Nov and she wasn't due until February. Is this part of the 3rd kid syndrome? haha

29 weeks!

I was one proud momma on Sunday! Poor Palmer only got to go to one day of VBS but on Sunday the kids all performed the two songs with motions that they learned from the week. Ann Mason is literally standing behind Palmer not singing or moving and hid the whole time :) but Palmer got up there even though he really didn't know the routine well and did really good! I guess as a parent you are never really sure how that first public performance is going to go but they both got up on stage and no one ran off crying so I think it was pretty successful! It helped that Mamaw and Ethan were up there right beside him :) They did great!

If you asked Palmer and Ann Mason what the big news of the week would be they would scream... WE GOT A TRAMPOLINE! After not one, not two but 3 attempts to put it together Tex finally got it right! haha The kids are SO excited! I plan on lots of jumping so that mommy has some time to get some stuff done! ha!

That's about it! This weeks seem to keep on ticking by. Hopefully this weekend we will see some progress on the nursery!

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