Friday, June 15, 2012

30 weeks and a Baseball Star

I was 30 weeks yesterday! We are starting to round the corner! Feeling pretty good. Get a little sore and ankles are starting to swell slightly after a long day but other than that all is good right now. Moods are definitely still level, thank goodness! I seriously look back on the first half of the pregnancy with shock about how crazy I felt, I am SO glad it was temporary :)

The crib is going up this weekend (hopefully tonight) the bedding is getting washed and I am hoping the room is going to at least get pieced together some what this weekend. We still are waiting on some wall decor to come in and little things but at least we can make it look like a room vs. something on the episode of hoarders :)

I have to admit when I moved to Owensboro I had no interest in baseball, softball, etc... I really hadn't ever gotten into the sport or gone to many games. Little did I know my past time here would be spent at the ball field watching my niece and nephew and of course my Palmer! I have actually grown to love watching this sport and just the whole "ball field" atmosphere. It is fun, social and the kids LOVE it. I am pretty sure we are going to go broke at the concession stand :)

This guy had his best game ever last night! Thanks all of the family and friends that showed up just to cheer him on, Palmer felt like a super star! He made two runs and got his first out while playing second base! He made sure everyone was watching and just smile at us. He loved every second of it. I have to admit I think the snack at the end of the game is still more important to him but he's just 5! :)
And then there's this girl.... I can't even begin to describe what a hot mess she is. She is like a tom boy with dress up high heels. You can't see in this picture but in fact she does have on her dress up heels and yes, I am the mom that let's her wear them to the baseball field :) She is dying to start gymnastics or play a sport so she was practicing her "swing" after the game. I don't know if the world is ready for this one :)

We have a low key weekend planned. We gave Tex his fathers day gift last night the kids were too excited. I am looking forward to lost of organizing and lot of playing!

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