Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The big SURPRISE!!!

Better late than never! A few weeks ago Tex and I got to do something that we haven't done for 3 years!!! We got to travel by ourselves, no kids, no kid friendly restaurants just adult time! The best reason we got to travel was because we surprised my sister for her 30th birthday in Washington DC! I was like a kid in a candy store! I had only been to DC once on my senior year trip and Tex had never been so we were so super excited!

Here we are on the plane! There is no other person that I would like to travel with more than this guy. He calms my nerves, we have a blast together, we enjoy doing the same things, he is just my best friend! Good thing I married him! haha
Unfortunately I lost my nice camera. That was a TOTAL bummer but luckily I think I had uploaded almost everything on there except for this trip. So these pictures are going to make it look like all we did was eat and go out! haha We definitely did that but Tex and I went site seeing all day Friday and Saturday too!
So Ashley is NOT an easy girl to surprise let's just say that. I know she was hoping we would be there but I was trying everything in my power to make her think otherwise. We met at the hotel lounge and the other couple that was with us met them first (they weren't a surprise just Tex and I! haha) so they said hello and then I popped out from around the corner and screamed surprise!

I even managed to get a few tears from the birthday princess. I miss her so much and I was SO happy to be with her for the whole weekend!

We are two REALLY happy husband and wife right now! A whole weekend to ourselves (disclaimer we love our kids dearly but this was a huge special treat)

Ashley, Leslie and I. John and Leslie have been wonderful friends to Joe and Ashley and the minute we met them we fell in love with them. They are so fun and easy to be around and we just all really clicked and had a blast!

First stop was an upscale Mexican restaurant and yes this guy is making homemade guacamole for our table, yes I did almost pass out! Total heaven!

The group! We had so much fun. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was such a great night!

Here we are being silly. We haven't been out that late in forever and the next morning this is how Tex felt :) We got up and out though by 9 am and hit the streets!

First stop was Fords Theatre.

Where Lincoln was shot.

Then of course we had to do lunch at possibly one of the best pizza places I have ever eaten. SO good!

Of course we did the obligatory pic of the White House. Like I said most of our "touristy" pics were on my camera. We got to go to the Capital, Lincoln Memorial, Holocaust Museum, etc... No joke we probably walked 12 to 13 miles that day around DC. We didn't take a cab anywhere we just kept walking!

That night we got to go to the W hotel and hang out at the roof top bar. This was just the lobby. So beautiful!

The rooftop bar was amazing. We got to watch three helicopters bring the President over the river and the middle one land at the White House, pretty cool!

The group hanging out and having fun!

The girls!

The Merritt's and the Ballard's

Ashley making her wish! I hope everything she wished for comes true! It was one of the best weekends of my life. I was with my husband and sister who could ask for more! It was amazing! Tex and I definitely want to make it a point to do this at least once a year, just us!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I know that I have said this 1000 times but seriously how is it Nov 12th???? Where has this year gone?  It seems like there are not enough hours in the day! :) Halloween has come and gone and as with every year the kids had a BLAST!!! I wasn't sure how Chandler would do this year being only 14 months old but girlfriend rocked it out! She probably went up to 15 houses, got her candy and threw it in the bag! Luckily we got away with her only eating one sucker!

What is this I have in my hands?

This is my friend Sarah's daughter. Sophia, she has to be the busiest, most hilarious, into everything little girl! This was her, a hot mess, after only 10 minutes of trick or treating!

Trying to get a picture on the hayride!

Let the craziness begin!

Palmer and his cousin Ethan aka the Grim Reaper

Sweet KK as the nerd helping Chandler at every house! This sweet niece of mine is gold!

Chandler does not want for ANYTHING! It is going to be bad, she is primped, pampered, loved, kissed, held constantly. We are creating a monster but so far this "monster" has been the happiest most laid back angel ever, let's hope it lasts!

Taking a picture of this little flower is almost impossible these days!

Oh this boy! My little star wars clone!

Me and my little wonder woman! She definitely has super hero energy :) We had to monitor her candy intake after trunk or treating. Ann Mason doesn't process sugar well!!

The boys! I hate to say it but boys Halloween costumes are just no fun (for the moms anyways) especially when this mom was SO wanting a family "themed" halloween! Is that too much to ask? My kid had no part of it!

Sweet Addison and Ann Mason these two have become best buddies!
Halloween was great. It was a busy week but the kids loved every minute of it. We paid for it that weekend though! We all needed to detox from sugar and get to bed on time!