Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Weekend was AMAZING! It was every thing I had wanted. Precious time with my family, precious times with my friends and lots of sun and pool time!! We were busy this weekend, with girls cookouts, a ton of my family came to the pool Sunday to celebrate Palmer's birthday (again!, he is one lucky boy) and I got to see my kids LOVE the pool. I couldn't ask for much more!
Miss Hollywood trying on her sunglasses for the pool!

Palmer with his lighting Mcqueen kickboard (thanks aunt jamie, HUGE hit!)

Belle all decked out in the nicest princess floatie device I have ever seen and of course and adorable ensemble of swim wear! I love that girl!

Here she is with that tongue! She loves it!

Palmer jumped off the diving board for the first time this season! Of course Tex was down below but he wasn't scared at all, now if he could just swim to the side, it would be perfect!

Here I come!

This is my favorite picture of the weekend! Ashley had her other nephew in town and Joey and Palmer are the same age and he came with us to the pool. They loved hanging out with each other and thought it was so cool to match!

I am a little bummed about my lack of pictures this weekend. I did take more but apparently there was a sunscreen smudge on my camera that made everyone look like a white blob! ha!

I am pretty sure the highlight of my whole weekend was after 31 years of life I saw my dad in swim trunks and no shirt for the first time ever!! And he even got in the pool and played with the kiddos the whole time! I know for many of you that is an everday occurence but this was hilarious, amazing and surreal for me and my sister and brother! It made the whole weekend!

Thank you to all of the men and women who risk theirs lives daily for our freedom. I know that I constantly take that for granted and it is so important to remember that this life we have been given didn't know come without a price. Thank you for serving our country past, present and future! We hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

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