Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer!

Tex has officially started his new job and things are a little crazy during the week to say the least! We are all slowly finding our way in our new routine and schedule and it seems like things are finally going more smoothly. The kids started back to school a few weeks ago and Palmer LOVES it, Annie has a little bit of a hard time during the morning drop offs but greets me enthusiastically when I pick her up and tells me she had SO much fun!
With such busy weekdays we have tried to really savor our weekends and by savor I mean we do NOTHING and we are LAZY and it is WONDERFUL! ha! We have already gotten our money's worth out of the pool this summer, it is by far our favorite activity and we spend most of our weekend there! Personally, I can't think of many other things I would rather do :)
Annie and I during our weekly shopping spree at Krogers. If she is good she gets to ride the fire truck and horse at the end! It is always a treat :)

We have a new revelation, swimmy arms!!! I don't know why in the world I didn't try these until now. Maybe I did last summer and I don't think Palmer liked them so we opted for a Spider Man life jacket. So, since he is getting "so big" now he must have seen that other kids were wearing swimmy arms and not life jackets so we followed the crowd and he LOVES them! I was so surprised at how well he did swimming with them!

He even jumps off the side and no one has to be there to catch him! He tells me to watch his "flips" which is pretty much a cannon ball. Here is his stance for the big jump!

Getting ready for lift off!

I could never catch one in mid air so here is him coming up from under the water! He seriously did this 151 times, it wore me out just watching him!

Here he is swimming to the stairs all by himself! I realize swimmy arms are still a floatation device but I was still really proud of how brave he was and how he wanted to swim "all by himself"

Oh Goodness! Here is my diva in her "baby suit" as she calls it and her sequence flip flops. Ann Mason isn't as much of a fish as Palmer is. She much prefers to be on the side eating snacks and dancing to the music coming from the boom box :)

Not really sure where this stance came from?? Maybe from having an older brother? I asked her during this stance if it was a cheerleader pose or a football pose to which she replied "football". Not so sure I am going to get this girl in dance classes any time soon!

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