Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mommy Time!

I have been gifted with some unexpected mommy time! Why is it when we are with our children 24/7 we are secretly and sometimes vocal about how much we would love just a moment of quiet or just a minute to use the bathroom by ourselves or not clean up any messes and the list goes on. Then suddenly you are gifted with this precious mommy time and if you are a lunatic like me you suddenly become anxiety ridden and somewhat distressed about what to do with all of this free time???

I have decided that on average I usually get about 1- 1 1/2 hours a night of real mommy time. I justify the meaningless, mind numbing things that I like to do with my mommy time with the fact that my job has it share of pressure, I am constantly going and doing for someone or something and when I do have time, I want to think as little as possible while being entertained by something other than something obnoxious like Calliou or Imagination Movers :)

Hence here are just a few things that I am doing currently with my mommy time!

Cringing Watching as Ashley Herbert tries to find the love of her life! Don't even get me started on this Bentley thing. I can almost tear up thinking about Ashley watching these shows somewhere and how humiliated she must feel. I have also felt tempted on numerous occasions to write the bachelorette producers/directors and let them have a piece of my mind. They have no heart, but they do have ratings! It is like a bad train wreck, I want to turn away but I keep on watching!

Oh the Voice, Oh Adam Levine! My oh my how I love this show! I loved it from the minute I saw the 10,000 previews advertising it. It has not let me down! It is thoroughly entertaining and I love every minute of it! If you watch it I hope you agree that Dia Frampton's version of Heartless by Kayne West was brilliant!

I have also tossed aside my more serious books for something more light hearted and let me tell you Rob Lowe can tell some stories! This book is great and has a lot of name dropping and gossip! Absolutely perfect for mommy time!

Other than that I just chopped off my hair today. I went thru a phase where I really thought I could pull off long hair, I dreamed about it and fantasized all of the different ways I would fix it when it got longer. Well the awkward shoulder length came and I came to the realization that while the bob is boring it is also classic and is quite possibly my best look :)

So here's to all of them mommy's out there and their much deserved mindless mommy time that comes not so very often! Enjoy!

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Sarah said...

I think I am going to have to check out the Rob Lowe book. I love to read but it is so hard for me to find time that I haven't really read much these last few year. But my goal is to try and make some me time for reading at least a couple of nights during the week...let me know if you have any other must reads that you would recommend. I just read The Help while on vacay and LOVED it.