Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am 65!

Apparently I am 65 or at least I felt like it on Friday when I joined everyone else 60 + and over in the waiting room for a colonoscopy and a endoscopy! I had said before that we had not determined why I kept on having this painful "attacks" and the gallbladder was ruled out. The attacks had gone away for about a month but came back about a month ago with a vengeance! After some tests and talking with my pcp we decided I would go to a gastronologist. Fast Forward to Thursday and I am in the gastronologists office signing up for a colonoscopy and endoscopy.

I picked up my "prep" kit and headed home to start the process at 8 pm! I wasn't allowed to eat from 8 am on Thursday until the next day at 4 pm, a little too long let me tell ya! The prep was not pleasant but wasn't as bad as I had thought. The procedure was a breeze I remember nothing but after the procedure was HORRIBLE! Apparently I am that person that no matter what kind of anesthesia I have, I just wake up throwing up violently! This continued all the way home in the back of the car as well! YUCK! It finally stopped and I did what any person that hadn't eaten for 30 hours would do and ordered a large pizza by myself! haha

They did find that my esophagus down to my low intestine was hugely inflamed and angry red??? They biopsied a few things and took out a polyp. I will get more results this week. I am thankful that I am pretty sure that nothing more than an antibiotic, constant antacids and being aware of my food intake is all that will be needed to cure this! Unfortunately this also means that I will be finding myself getting a colonoscopy every 5 years from now on :( It could be worse! I am just thankful it is OVER and hopefully I can be on the road to healing my insides and feeling a lot better!

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