Monday, June 13, 2011

Outdoor Fun~!

After getting over the horrible procedures :) The kids and Tex came home from being out of town and we decided to finally have some fun!! The weather was SO much nicer than it has been in a while, the humidity isn't horrible and it doesn't feel too bad to be outside!

Saturday we went to a baseball game and the kids had a blast! It was beautiful weather and so much fun!
Annie and Palmer during the baseball game.

Palmer and Bryson practicing baseball like the "big boys" 
Annie doing her best to aggrevate Bryson, she didn't have to try hard :)

Dawn and Ann Mason, they had a blast!

The next day we decided to relax and not do a whole lot other than go to the park right by our house!

Annie "cheesing" before we left.

LOVE THESE TWO!!! Best friends!

Going down the slide, they look too big!

This cracks me up. Annie in the driver seat and Palmer chillin in the back! This is the way it works most of the time! We are praying for a smooth week, we already have Monday out of the way so that is a good sign!

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