Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mid Week Playdate

Our sweet friends Elizabeth and Hannah invited us over for a mid-week play date! It is SO nice to have something to look forward to that kind of breaks up the same routine for the week and the kids love new adventures. I must admit, I was tag teamed two kids/one mom and tonight wasn't one of my finer displays of how to parent :) By the time I left I just sat in my van and thought, "What in the world just happened" haha I am pretty sure most moms have those moments or at least I hope they do! I know one thing that happened the kids had fun so that is all that matters!

Disclaimer: The pictures you are about to see are NOT my finest collection. With 4 active kids and not really a free hand, I did what I could to snap a few shots :) You will get the jest of the play date! ha!
Palmer heading down to get in the pool!

Not sure? Ann Mason loved the little baby pool!

Ashley and Belle came over to see us since they live in the same neighborhood! Any chance I get to see my awesome niece makes for a great night!

I tried so hard to get a front shot of Hannah because her bathing suit is to die for! It has ruffles that dip in the front. Truth be told I wish they made one for my size maybe in black :) Hannah is adorable and I could just eat her rolls up!

The sweetest, most content, beautiful and photogenic child ever... Belle! This baby just steals your heart and you never want to let her go! She is such a good baby!

The girls eating at the princess table! I saw a side of Annie that I hadn't seen a lot of yet. She was quite the um, Mother Hen! I don't think she realized that Hannah is not that much younger than her and not that much smaller than her either! She would bend over and talk to Hannah and tell her what to do! Oh my! She had a tight rein on poor Hannah but thankfully Miss Hannah was a gracious hostess and went along with Ann Mason's demands. I guess Ann Mason has gotten a lot of practice from her baby dolls?

Is it Friday yet? Not sure how it is only Wednesday tomorrow but here's hoping that the week goes a little faster and the weekend lasts a little longer!

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