Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, we finally got to Easter Day!!! It was a wonderful and relaxing day with our family! It was bittersweet as it was one of our last holidays in Louisville but we had a great time! Church was great, the kiddos looked adorable, the food was delicious and the nap afterwards was even better! It was a great low key Easter for the Templeton's!
Annie's Easter Suprises!

Palmer's Easter Surprises!

I think they both liked what the Easter Bunny brought them, I love these two!

Ann Mason Easter 2011! She looks so sweet and innocent! haha I LOVE this dress, I want to hang it up and save it forever! She looked beautiful!

My two favorite little people, look how sweet Palmer is... they love each other so much!

We had to get a "silly" picture and this is what they chose :)

Neenie and Pop were in to celebrate with us. We had to get Belle in th e picture, she is the happiest girl in the world! Notice my two are holding on to her hand as tight as they can, they love Bellies!

Ann Mason wanted no part in picture taking after a while so here is 3/4 of our family on Easter!

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