Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of Soccer and Teacher's Gifts

Well, we finished another sport successfully! Here is Annie's soccer team with coach Daddy! They were a wild and crazy bunch of 3 and 4 year olds. I think unpredicatable would sum up the season. At one point in the last game there was one player out on the field! haha It was SO fun and we loved watching the chaos, it was definitely entertaining.
Listening intentally to the Coach :)

Her first ever trophy she was SO excited. Soccer really helped her confidence and once she decided to actually play (mid- season) she rocked the field. The girls has skills! Can't wait to see her play more! So proud of her, each day I feel like she grows a little more and we seem to be taking small strides in the strong will department :)

I managed to get my act together and get my end of the year teachers gifts out last Friday! Thanks you SO much to Mel at The Larson Lingo for being her creative self and ALWAYS including free printables! I know she saved this momma and has probably saved a lot of us! Disregard the background but we did flower pots for the teachers and then...

These cute printables from The Larson Lingo. "Thank you for helping me Bloom!"

I hope they liked them. I know I love any kind of plant and planter so I think they will actually be able to put them to good use!

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