Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little Slice of Random

 Well, there is not too much to report around here....
Starting Thursday Chandler started running a REALLY high temp even on antibiotics. It pretty much continued around the clock for 4 days!
This is our neighbor "Uncle Matt" he is the funniest and sweetest 23 year old guy and Chandler LOVES him! He went outside to watch the football game and sat down with her and he was gone for like 30 minutes and when we went out to check on him this was why... he was too scared he was going to wake her up! This is how she spent most of the weeeknd. Asleep, pitiful, cranky with a fever. It was for the birds I tell ya!
It wasn't until Monday that this happened....

She broke out everywhere and after a little research we realized that she had Roseola. I mean really, could we get anymore random? Poor thing! Luckily when the fever breaks the rash breaks out and it is pretty much over!

Thankfully this poor baby woke up clear today with a smile on her face! It was a rough weekend with lots of snuggling. It was kind of nice (not her being sick of course) but just having down time. I needed it, my mind and body needed it!
Yesterday I took off a little early to go get Chandler from Mamaw's house but the stinker had fallen asleep so.... Annie had, had a pretty rough morning. Being the middle child is hard and when you are the strong willed middle child it is even harder. So, I decided to pick her up with an open mind and heart and forget how terrible the morning was and just really focus on her! It was AWESOME! We stopped and got a snack at the gas station (for some reason to my kids that is better than ice cream) and then we went home laid on a blanket and painted her toes and nails and talked. She said "Mommy, I love you so much I wish we could do this everyday" me too baby girl, me too!

We then decided to walk to Mamaw's house which is probably a little less than 2 miles away but between being completely out of shape and pushing a 45 pound child and a double stroller that weighed 25 pounds I was worn out!!  But then I saw this...

And realized God is Good, no matter how out of breathe I was!!
Last but not least I am NOT a fan of school pictures. I just think they are dated and in this day and age we take so many pictures that the school pics just don't really do it for me especially not at the outrageous prices they want us to pay! But then I got this.... OH MY WORD, why does he look like he is 10? It broke my heart, he looks SO old! Words can not describe the way this boy has his mama's heart!

And guess what..... it's HUMP DAY! WOOT WOOT!!!

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Poor girl! This happened to Radley once too!

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