Monday, September 16, 2013

Blake Shelton

This weekend I got to go on a girls road trip to Nashville to see Blake Shelton. It was great! We stayed in an amazing hotel, went to dinner and had a BLAST. I do have quite the bone to pick with Blake. I spent months listening to his new cd and had every song memorized and I LOVED them. He sang 2 songs off of his new cd!!!! I was SO mad at him! It was still a good concert but I was REALLY hoping for all my favorite songs!
Kelly and I at the concert. We had not been out without kids in years. SO much fun catching up with my oldest and best friend!  
Sarah and I waiting for Blake to come on!!  
Dinner at Margaritaville, no high chairs, chicken fingers or meltdowns! We all laughed cause we ate our food SO fast. I think we forgot that we weren't on a time limit to get out of the restaurant before someone started throwing food or crying :) 
The Best Shot I could get of Blake. haha 
Jamie and Sarah downtown Nashville. It was SO fun and such good people watching. The outfits that 80% of people wore... WOW!!! 
In our hotel before going out!  
More Pics 
Kel and I after we got ready!  
Our hotel was so nice and this was literally the view from our room. The vanderbilt football stadium, so cool! 
As much fun as I had at the concert I missed my babies and husband! We had a great sunday and ended it with Chandler eating her first McD's ice cream cone. Talk about one mad baby, when it was gone she was fit to be tied! I love these moments. Home is definitely where my heart is for sure. I think all moms/girlfriends need a night away but it is the best feeling to come home to smiling faces, big hugs and the words "I missed you so much"!!! 


Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

Jeremy and I always talk about how fast we eat when we are out to dinner. You get in as much as you can before a meltdown! Too funny!

The Queen said...

My bestie and I are heading out for a weekend of us time next weekend and I can't wait! Looks like a great night!

Sarah Strader said...

I so agree Blake! Love getting to spend an evening with my girls, but love even more coming home to my family!