Friday, September 13, 2013

One and Six

Yesterday was one of those not so fun days when we took 2 out of 3 kids to the dr to knock out their well visits for the year. Fortunately for Palmer his 6 year old check up was a breeze, not shots, no pokes, no pricks... Sadly Miss Chandler did not have the same good fortune.
I loathe one year old shots. They are terrible, they make them feel horrible but I know they are of course a necessary evil.
Here is my sweet, happy girl for the only 5 minutes she was happy!!

My sweet happy girl was MAD, screaming, feisty, kicking, purple face mad and we hadn't even gotten to the shots!
Here she is before her shots! Luckily, we survived. She had a long night and a bad morning but I am thinking by tonight we will be better. Little did we know she also was battling 3 molars coming in and an ear infection. I felt SO bad for her!

Here are her stats. We knew she was perfect :) but apparently she got lucky and got her daddy's genes. The nurse said she is going to be tall and skinny, words that this momma has never heard in the same sentence! ha! After a lot of tears and screams we calmed down and made it out just fine!
Palmer was next! This kid is just plain cool. He has literally matured SO much over the last year it makes me want to cry. He is just easy and I love him with all of my heart and soul. He is killing it at football and I LOVE to watch him love a sport. He is killing it at school and I LOVE to watch him learning to read and his passion for books. I had and still have a passion for books and I can still remember vividly the book fair coming to school every year and I could have spent hours in there and he is the same way! Year Six for Palmer has rocked! I am SO proud of him!

He looked great and was right where he needed to be with height and weight! He is developing well, eating right (well as much as a picky six year old will eat) and just right on track!

TGIF is all I have to say :) The weather is beautiful and I am ready to enjoy the weekend!!!

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