Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings

Well another weekend came and another weekend passed! I shouldn't sound so un-enthusiastic but this weekend was filled with anticipation of VACATION! I literally can not wait to leave and spend 9 glorious days with my family, relaxing and soaking all of their little sandy, giggly bodies in!
These are the only pics I took the entire weekend for a few reasons.... 1. We didn't do anything too exciting other than I cleaned out closets and caught up on ALL of our laundry which to me is seriously exciting! We did go to church and both of the girls sported their rain boots since we got probably 2 inches of rain that morning :)

Ann Mason sporting her skinny arm and rain boots, she much prefers a dress to go to church but because of the rain we were a little more casual!  
This picture makes me smile even though it is a little blurry. The chunky thighs, the ear to ear grins from both baby girl and daddy and the adorable rain boots! This girl has her dad wrapped around her finger, he literally picked out the boots by himself, I forgot that she even had them! 
The next two pics are the very reason my picture collection is so sparse these days. There is no getting Chandler to cooperate and or sit still for 30 seconds. Here is her reaction everytime Ann Mason tries to hug or grab her, which is every 5 seconds so I kind of don't blame her for wanting to scream!  

Yet another example.... she is constantly in motion. No longer are the still, adorable pics of an immobile little baby! 
This is SO random but I had to wear uniforms all during high school. While I LOVE the idea of uniforms I now despise khakis and a solid color shirt because I wore that every day for four years. My husband is obsessed with khakis. I know this is not a bad thing but I want him to have a more casual look sometimes you know, warm up pants, nike t-shirt and tennis shoes! We finally bought him some new tennis shoes and guess what? He actually loves them! NOW if I can just get him to wear warm up pants and not khakis with them we will be in business! haha 
Oh my this boy makes my heart leap! We have been doing AWANA's for the past month and it has totally changed my kids lives. Seriously my kids are on fire for Jesus, it is the most amazing and awesome thing I have ever experienced. While they go to their AWANA'S classes I get to do a women's bible study so we are all getting filled spiritually. Palmer earned his first badge last week and was SO excited. It is the most wonderful thing seeing your children excited to learn about God!
We are on a serious Vacation countdown. My to do list is a mile long but it will be worth it when we are on the beach!!! I am planning on taking LOTS of pictures!  

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