Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Activities!

I love this time of year! Fall Festivals, pumpkins, soup in the crock pot, cooler temps! All of it! However I don't like my babies being sick! This sweet, smiling girl had bronchitis this weekend! I call her my angel baby even though she can be feisty she is the sweetest child in the world!
So Tex and I took turns staying home with this sweet girl and rotating doing all of the fun activities with the big kids!
Friday was the fall festival at Palmer's school and since Tex took the kids that = no pictures :( He is such a good dad but I think tickets, screaming kids, mass chaos and 3 hours worth of fishing games and cake walks...Tex came home with a look of terror on his face. I think he needs back up for the next fall festival!

Saturday was my turn and it was carnival time! It was cold but the kids had a blast! They rode every half falling down carnival ride!

Palmer and his cousin Ethan riding a roller coaster!

Ann Mason and Allie riding the carousel! Girlfriend wasn't scared of anything even when the Ferris wheel stopped at the top with her in it for what seemed like 10 minutes!

Happy Girl!

Annie, Palmer and their buddy Preston!

Ann Mason with the big girls! They are so good to her and always let her tag along! I am pretty sure she doesn't realize she is 4 and they are 11!
Sunday was church, lunch and our first Halloween party of the week! I initially bought this costume for Chandler, I don't know what I was thinking but I obviously bought the wrong size and when Annie saw it she immediately changed her tune and wanted to be wonder woman. I couldn't think of a costume more fitting...

Palmer was a star wars clone trooper. I have to be honest and say that boys costumes are just not fun. I had envisioned a whole family theme of characters and my children quickly squashed any idea of us all dressing up like Toy Story or the Wizard of Oz or something cute and fun like that :)

Seriously only Papaw would convince Ann Mason that hillbilly teeth was the best accessory for her wonder woman costume. Whatever he says goes!

All of the kiddos at the Halloween party!

This girl was the youngest one and one of only two girls at the whole party. Do you think it stopped her from dominating? Um, no! I was such a passive child that sometimes I don't know what to do with such a confident and spunky little girl!

Ann Mason "mummy"fying a little boy

She had it down!

These boys love each other! Make a group mummy!

The end product!

Halloween corn hole :)
The weather is threatening to ruin  Halloween! I just want to have one good night to let the kids go trick or treating! OMG I can't wait for you to see Chandler's outfit if she doesn't rip it off! She hates it, thanks so much to Lindsey for letting me borrow it!

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