Monday, October 21, 2013


It has been 17 long days since I posted. 9 of those days were spent in paradise! Seriously Destin, Fl is my slice of heaven. I may be partial since I have gone down there every year most of the time multiple times a year since I was 7! In fact my family loves it so much my mom moved there 12 years ago.
This was our one family vacation that we were able to take this year and it was MARVELOUS!! We had the best of both worlds. We had Tex's family down there in one condo, my mom and my extended family that live down there and then our immediate family had our own condo! So, we spent all day on the beach and going out to eat with family and friends and then we had our "down" time at night just to ourselves to do bedtime, etc... This worked amazing for our family!
There was a sand castle artist there from Georgia who would literally sculpt a different artwork everyday it was so cool and the kids LOVED it, they even got to help one day!

Oh my kids were in heaven. They LOVED every minute on the beach with family and their cousins. I literally did not hear a peep out of them all day and we stayed on the beach from 9-4 every day, it was awesome!

Let me just talk about this beach bum for a minute! Most kids (including my older children) HATED the beach at this age. Saying Chandler LOVED the beach would be an understatement. People around us were talking about her by the end of the week saying that they have never seen a baby LOVE the sand, water, sun that much in their lives. Girlfriend would walk around naked most days and had a blast! This is her eating her very first sucker on the beach! She would literally roll whatever food she had in her hand in the sand and then eat it!

This is how my snuggle bum would take naps almost every day. Neenie was a good resting area. She just melts my heart, we were blessed with a laid back third child!!

Chandler and I trying to take a picture, she isn't much on looking at the camera these days :)

My in laws and their baby girl! So fun to have everyone down there!

Both families. I LOVE this picture. I think in the 15 years we have been together this was the first time we have a picture of both sets of parents with us!

This girl Killed it on the beach! She had style, shades and sun kissed skin! She had a ball every day!

I have never seen this boy So happy in my life. He skim boarded 24/7 and never stopped!!
I can't even put into words what a wonderful trip it was. I HAVE TONS more pics to share. To watch my children LOVE the beach as much as their momma does was priceless. To have 9 days to spend with my husband, children and family was priceless! It was hard coming back but it was nice to be home at the same time. I still don't think we are fully back to our normal routine! haha

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