Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paradise Picture Overload

I am trying to get all of these photos in, I went photo crazy!! I have hundreds of pics, love it! Here are some more from our trip. We ATE so much food, I am paying for it dearly now! In fact that will be a whole other post with before and progress pics. I am starting a journey to be a healthier, stronger, leaner me!! Here are MORE pics from our wonderful trip...
Oh my that little face in the right hand corner just melts my heart. She is the most amazing little girl ever! Oh and the guy next to me isn't too bad himself :)

Attempting a family pic, why does Chandler look so dang mad? haha

This picture wont be as hilarious to you as it is to me but the Prather's have been some of our oldest and best friends. They were both in our wedding over 9 years ago and we have always kept in touch and been close. This picture is of Palmer and Will (aka Brandon and Tex) this cracks me up! They are seriously little clones even their personalities are so similar to their dad's!

Here is Lindsey and I, we had such an awesome day just hanging out with the 4 of us and all of the kiddos! We miss them so much, I wish we still lived in the same city!

In my opinion the coolest of the sand sculptures... despicable me minions! The kids thought they were totally awesome!!

Everything about this picture I love! These three girls are forever best friends!

So blessed to have such strong, amazing influences in my life!

My momma! Wish we could do this daily!

Of course we had to hit up the outlet malls! This diva scored tall boots and a new shirt! She is a hot mess when it comes to fashion!

The hubs and I beach side!

Annie and I!

Our attempt at a family picture! 
Mamaw and Papaw with all of the grand kids!

This pic is so sweet! Palmer was SO embarrassed when I showed him this picture. They do love each other so much!

I am telling ya'll this girl didn't mind the sand at all! Love those sandy rolls!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

OMG that picture of palmer and annie sleeping is PERFECT!! blackmail forever!!!