Friday, May 3, 2013

Palmer's first School Play!

My Sweetest Palmer,
 I can not tell you what a proud momma I was last night! I have seen you grow leaps and bounds. The confidence you have gained this year in Kindergarten astounds me! This time last year the thought of you doing a play would have had me a nervous wreck. You see, you used to not like crowds, HATED loud noises and have had more than your fair share of anxiety! (sorry you buddy, you get that from your momma!)
Last night you ROCKED! Killed it! I could have cried I was so happy!
I have lots more pictures and VIDEO to share as soon as I get my act together :)

Here I am with you tiniest "biggest" fan, Chan Chan!She was just as excited as I was!

Ok, it is dark and hard to see but you are the only boy that looks like a mini Indiana Jones around all of those lines, second row back!

After the play!! You and your buddies plus of course your sister! You all did SO great and have gotten SO big this year!

You were kind of looking at me at this point :) Between us waving to each other and me trying to video and take pics, it was a circus. Don't tell daddy but he doesn't know how to work a camera that great! haha

Your ultimate biggest fan (and probably biggest pest too) but you two love each other more than words when you are not trying to kill each other.

Here is our attempt at a family picture. I am sure we will look back and laugh at these pics even though I am really yelling before the pic. "get together, no fake smiles, come on people, mommy just wants one stinking good shot!" haha
Palmer, you did AMAZING! You were the lion tamer and you got on that stage with your whip and you worked  it :) I am so proud of you and so blessed to be your mommy!

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