Monday, April 29, 2013


It wears me out just thinking about how busy we have been lately! haha Definitely a good busy but BUSY!!! Here are just a few things that have filled our calendars!~

Girls Night to see the Little Mermaid at the local high school! Such a fun night!

The little girls had a blast two! These two are quite the pair!

Waiting in line to get in to the play!

This girl got put into time out.... (You can tell she is in the corner)

By this girl... (who thinks she is the mom of Chandler!)

For Probably doing something like this!!! Yes, dog food is our latest obsession. All of my kids have gone thru the "dog food" stage I guess by number 3 you just start taking pics rather than try and pry those little nuggets from their hands :) ha!

I have been a little frustrated with ol Annie with soccer. She has SO much potential but she is just the type that decides if she wants to do something or if she doesn't and it is truly maddening. Well, I don't know what finally kicked in or if it was Papaw being there but she finally decided to play on Saturday.... and she KILLED it! Papaw is her hero so for him to get to see her do so well meant the world to her!
She killed it as in scored 5 goals! For 3 and 4 year olds that is a lot~! haha We made a HUGE deal and she was so excited. She swears she is going to do it every week, we shall see!
My co-worker got married on Saturday and it was SO much fun! I love weddings, I don't think I will ever get tired of a fun wedding!
My boss and most of my co-workers!

Tex and I enjoy our parent night out!!!

And to leave you with a funny... they had a photo booth with props and I made Tex get in there with me and act silly. I thought it was hilarious! Our May is jam packed, I don't see things slowing down until June :) but we apparently like life in the fast lane!

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