Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friday Eve


I love it that my co-worker thinks it is the most fun thing to take "selfie" pics of me and tell me how to put my legs and how to hold out my "skinny arm". I am SO akward she ends up taking like 15 pics because I am not a natural model, to say the least :)
I have on my new Lauren Conrad (yep, the one from my favorite old reality show The Hills) top on, my Gap Always Skinny Jeans (which really do make you feel skinny) and my JCP Black Wedge Patent Leather Heels.
I feel like I should be going somewhere other than my house to eat Roast from the crock pot! ha! It's fun to pretend I am going "out" after work. Really I am going home to three foot people screaming my name, screaming demands, needing to be washed of their germys, needing help learning to read and do things like homework and needing someone to monitor the amount of absolute junk that they string out all over the house!
Just about the time I am lovingly about to lose it they finally pass out from pure exhaustion and suddenly a second wind hits me and I am off and running (ok, not literally running but I have enough energy to do just enough around the house, talk on my phone and watch enough reality tv to kill thousands of brain cells!) It is MY time... that time from 8 till about 10:30, 11:00 if I am crazy where I can do semi whatever I want! Don't get me wrong I LOVE my time with my kids, wouldn't trade it for the world but that MY TIME, I earned it and I work HARD for it, so I enjoy it IMMENSLY!

I am pretty sure this post has no point but I am just a happy gal that it is Thursday and the week is almost done!!! Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

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