Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Love Story Part III

Summer turned to Fall and it was back to college we all went! What a fun time moving back in the dorms, rush week, rush parties, seeing all of your friends you missed so much over the summer! I am pretty sure that in 1999 I didn't have a cell phone or just got one for "emergencies" that had like 100 minutes on it. 100 minutes, I can blow thru that in 1/2 day easy!

So, I hadn't talked to Tex since we last saw each other but Tiffany said "the boys" were having people over to their new apartment. We all still lived in the dorm so it was SO cool they had an apartment, with no rules, anything goes! To give you a background on Tex... he had not had a girlfriend EVER, ok one but he had never gone out on a for real date, ever! He was everyone's "brother", fun, party Tex but just not the romantically inclined type :) I mean I am not naive I think he had kissed some girls before but never took them out to dinner! haha (that sounds terrible!)

So, all of us girls were finally done with Rush Week and he got all dolled up in whatever the fashion was back then and headed over to their apartment. I immediately was drawn to Tex but I couldn't let anyone know that I liked him cause it was "Tex" they were going to give me a hard time (in a good way). For the next week I am pretty sure we went over there every.single.night! One night I think I pulled the "I will come home later, you guys go without me" card and Tex and I stayed up late talking, laughing and listening to music. He says to this day he knew he liked me because I was the first girl he had met who liked Cat Stevens as much as him (Wild World Singer) On August 19, 1999 we had our first kiss. I have to admit it wasn't pretty, probably a hot mess to tell you the truth, a lot of beers had been drank but we didn't care. We stood on his front porch and kissed like the teenagers we were...
To Be Continued....

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