Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Love Story Part II

Spring turned to Summer and my life resumed full of spending time with friends, working my nanny 10-4 job (weren't those the very best hours??) and soaking up all of the time I could with my friends back home for my one and only summer that I would spend at the house where I grew up back home.
Mid-Summer my College had something called "summer parties" it was basically an excuse for all of the Fraternity houses to throw parties and everyone comes back for one big summer bash! Summer Parties were a must and I wasn't missing this for the world. Even though it was 1999 I can still remember what I was wearing. Thankfully it wasn't embarrassing because it was a black dress from Old Navy. I had heard "those" boys might be there that weekend and I was kind of excited. As I am at the party I see this guy with a cowboy hat on, t-shirt, cut off corduroy shorts, long curly hair, eye brow and nose piercing say (he was like a mix between a country boy and a hippie child)  "Hey, Blake" 
I looked up and saw it was Tex (Robbie's best friend) and I can still remember WOW, it has been months and he remembers my name. We talked and hung out and I think at one point I asked him to dance and he said "I don't do dancing" and I laughed and danced anyways. We had so much fun. He was like the cool guy, your best friend and brother combined in one. You didn't feel uncomfortable around him and I thought he was cute but more than anything I just liked being around him. If you know Tex (especially Tex back in the day, he was the life of the party!) Everyone loved him, he knew no strangers and I loved that about him!

Not sure if it is because 14 years have passed or we had one too many drinks but the night ended normal. No kisses, no fireworks, no love at first sight. At the end of the night he said, "Guess what? The guys and I have decided to come here for college in the fall?" and the rest of the summer in the back of my mind I kept thinking about that really fun guy named Tex with a cowboy hat and piercings!

To Be Continued.....

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

eyebrow and nose piercing! I had no idea :) love hearing your love story!